I broke my white MacBook !!! How to Repair?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Hatrix76, Jul 1, 2009.

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    Hi MacRumorers,

    I broke my Macbook, this beautifull white extension of myself into our dear cyber-world. In fact, it's dirty, has black cracks around it in the plastic and it was partially used to look up p**n ... but here my story:

    One day I discovered that my powerconnector get's flaky, well, at least I saw a light, then it was off, then on again, and I thought, hmmm, strange, never saw that ... Later i realized that it's not charging properly and slowly I begin to connect the flaky on/off light on the connector with the constantly lowering charge of the battery.

    OK, after checking the connector plug I realized that the 2nd and the 4th PIN did not stand out that much as the outer two, and I thought to myself, holy crap, please no, don't go broke on me, it's saturday night and I can not get a spare charger and I want to watch this MOVIE with my girlfriend ...

    So guess what, I stripped down the plastic of the connector and fumbled around and took it apart, just to find out there's not much I can do without really breaking it in total, so (please, no rants and "I would have told you so") I TRIED TO FIX THE CONNECTOR TO MY MACBOOK WITH FORCE AND TAPE!!! Naturally I slipped and after the fifth slip there was smoke. and a little bit of smell. and i knew.

    So, now this is where I am now:

    * I Think the Macbook is still working (I went to a mac-hospital and they tried with another battery, which was the only one they had and was nearly out of charge as well, and it seems the macbook worked, because I got the Login Window, but the Display was very dark, but this could be because the battery was really at its last breath.)

    * I disembowled the Macbook with a guide from iFixit (or MacFixit? dunno anymore) and I took out the MagConnector from inside it's guts. Now, I have charge on the ribbon cable which goes to the Motherboard, but I do not know the specs and where which charge should be, so I do not know If i hopefully just shrewed up this MagConnector (29 USD part) or if I have to dig further ....

    This "I have to dig further" part bothers my because I do not know how to find out what's really wrong with my Macbook. In fact just to have a estimate from the Mac Dealer would cost me around 60 EUR, IF the motherboard is defect i think 300 — 500 USD for a replacement Motherboard is not worth for this nearly 3 year old Macbook. As I live on an Island in spain I have not much of a choice regarding Apple Dealers and there is also the Trust Issue as well when you have not much choice.

    On the other Hand, If someone would sell me e.g. HIS macbook which has a broken display for a small fee so I can change the motherboard myself, know this would be something else all together.

    But, as I am a little geeky to, i might try to repair it myself if possible, with some help in form of "How to find what's wrong" ...

    So i am really appreciating any help figuring out what's wrong with my beloved white one, or having someone selling me a otherwise damaged macbook for a reasonable price ...

    The Model: White Macbook, MacBook (13-inch Late 2006)
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    Sep 16, 2007
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    I would prob be a good idea to find another (working) magsafe powerbrick and see if the computer really is still alive. as for parts, ebay is a good place to start.
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    May 15, 2009
    From the sounds of it it doesn't sound like you're ready or able to fix your own machine. Find someone who doesn't use tape or try to scrape things so ground and +19vdc short to each other. Seriously, continuing to do this on your own is just going to cause more damage to the poor thing, the techniques you describe for remedies and troubleshooting are downright scary. I am sure there are local shops in your area that would be happy to do some good work or tell you what's wrong without giving you an astronomical quote or trying to steal your laptop.

    I'm great with recording studio electronics and laptops, but I've spent half an hour trying to get my hot water heater lit and it nearly burned my hand off. Some stuff we just aren't meant to fix ourselves.

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