I can no longer share because I do not have iCloud Drive or Yosemite?

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    I do not use iOS, I use Android, though I am a Mac and iCloud user. I have several Numbers spreadsheets that I share with other people that without warning no longer share!!!! I am told I need to upgrade to iCloud Drive on my iOS device, which I do not have one. I am told I need to upgrade to Yosemite to continue sharing my files and unless I am mistaken, Yosemite is not available!!!!!! And, I can no longer log into iCloud to even see my files because I have not upgrade to iCloud drive on my non-existant iOS device or through Yosemite which is not available!!!

    Am I missing something here????
  2. jc1350, Sep 19, 2014
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    You can convert to iCloud Drive by clicking an iWorks link at icloud.com (Pages, Numbers, or Keynote). You will be shown what to expect (warnings and such) and prompted to convert. At that point it sounds like this would be totally web-browser-only service for you until Mac OS 10.10 is released.
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    That is true.

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