I can wait into the hp slate comes out

Discussion in 'iPad' started by flyguy206, Apr 6, 2010.

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    And no i don't want one. I want people to see why apple did what they did with the ipad. Now please tell me why you would want a full os on a touch screen device why not just buy a laptop? Now people say why don't you just get an ipod touch or iphone. I tell them because i want the same experience the iphone gives me but just on a larger screen. now with the slate you are getting a full os but why do you need that? If you have a desktop or laptop already? it like you are buying the same-thing but it is slower and will not work as good as a laptop. If you watch the keynote apple had the ipad right in the middle it went iphone, ipad, macbook pro. to me each one has it own use. iphone is for when you are out in the store or need look something quick. Ipad is for light work and media. mbp is for anything you want to do. Now tell me why do you need a full os tablet like the hp slate if you only want to surf the web and get media?
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    Was thinking the same, but oh well. Touchscreen on the slate will probably be crappy, if not; I'm still happy with the iPad :) It can't replace anything, but fills the holes.
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    I agree wih you somehow, except the fact that I consider iPad experience something different than an iPhone. With the bigger screen, greater screen resolution, and most importantly more accurate multitouch screen, iPad just inhales you. Interraction with this device is something unique, although that it almost has the same working principles with other Apple touch devices.

    However, this unique user experience only realized after interacting with the device for some time. Someone who hasn't used it before, can't understand it. Therefore, some has a tendency to buy so-called more functional hp slate or other devices based on win7. This is like a suicide. Getting some slow, unresponsive, ugly device which is just a rip-off from laptops.
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    Agreed...but you'll never convince the lillo777, SamCraigs, and especially the Dave1812Dave's out there.

    They 'think' (because it's vaporware...no argument) that it will be so much better. They point to the 'leaked specs' how much lighter it is...blah..blah..blah. The 'leaked specs' on my toaster said it came with a blonde who would toast my buns every morning ;)

    The ONLY way something built with netbook leftovers is ever going to really complete is running Android. *(yeah, I am an Apple fanboy...but I will give them their due)

    Look at the Lenova S10 Tablet reviews...it's basically the same hardware / software but reviews say it's 'meh'. Short battery life, so-so performance, and windows 7 starter is not 'multi-touch' aware. You have to run something on top of it or pay to upgrade your OS.

    Read the reviews on Amazon site here...


    Oh..found this one by Asus...some of the same complaints as the Lenova...


    I am using a Lenova workstation now...nothing wrong with their build quality. The problem is making something that is robust AND cheap....not an easy pair.

    Someone should archive these posts and let's trot them out in late 2010 (early 2011) when the HP Slate is produced. When we get to see the final product. Nothing wrong with HP quality either. I like HP but without sacrificing somewhere (which is what Apple is accused of) there is no way they can bring this to market.

    Wait..Same or Dave...before you hit "reply"....I get it...you don't like it...you don't have to give me a rebuttal....


    The following is at the bottom of the newest review of the ASUS tablet...I find it extremely funny...please read...

    "...I was initially very angry with this netbook, as Asus make a deceiving marketing video giving false expectation of the netbook, but as time went on this netbook grew on me. It makes a nice toy for reading and watching movies on the move, it is a cross between a iphone and a netbook. But as a first generation touchscreen netbook, it is not much of a productive tool in it's current form..."

    ahahahahahah...yeah...Netbook Tablets Rule \M/ \M/

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