I Cannot Access My Time Machine Photos Folder Backup - Pictures Included

Discussion in 'macOS' started by HappyDude20, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    One more question before I hit the hay. Succinctly put, I want my iPhoto library (currently in my TM backup on an external) on my rMBP.

    My iPhoto library is at 50GB's. When I connect my external TM backup to my Mac I'm not allowed to access certain folders. This is where the issue comes in. I'm not allowed to transfer anything onto the Mac, except for the movies folder for some reason.

    My overall concern is that I want to trim the fat when it comes to those 50GB's of iPhoto stuff, by first transfering that 50GB library to my rMBP, and then showing the package contents on my rMBP and trashing stuff I don't need.

    I have a new copy of iPhoto from the App Store on my Mac; I just need the library that's currently on my external to go to my Mac.

    Any help is truly appreciated.


    I guess to add a bit more info:

    The Time Machine backup is from my 11inch MacBook Air that I owned back in Nov. 11'. I backed that up, then got a Mac Mini. When I first got this Mac Mini in January I instantly connected my external HD (which had the MBA backup) and it all worked fine. In fact, my Mac Mini looked and acted exactly like the previous Air. Now I have a rMBP, and neither the Air or Mini. I migrated everything from this external HD to the rMBP a few days, with no problems. However iPhoto would instantly freeze upon opening the app AFTER deleting files using DaisyDisk. This occurred today. I decided to delete iPhoto and re-download it again in the App Store. The "corrupted" iPhoto library on my rMBP currently sits in the trash, but admittedly would like to migrate my original iPhoto library that's currently on the external, on over to my rMBP. However as you can see in the 2nd photo I've added, the little red dot w/ the minus sign on the folders prevent me from accessing what's within... except for movies, for some odd reason.

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    Maybe you are having issues with file permissions on the disk. I'd recommend to run Disk Utility's Verify Permissions and Repair Permissions commands on the troublesome disk.

    It's not clear which exact files you deleted. Were those files from inside the iPhoto library? Generally speaking, it's not a good idea to manually fiddle the internals of iPhoto library, because the app may stop working. This is the main reason why we show the library as a single opaque file in DaisyDisk and do not allow deleting from it. Use the iPhoto's UI to work with the library.

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