I can't add files/ebooks properly using ITunes

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    Jan 26, 2013
    I am trying to add ebooks/PDFs (I already have 2 readers called IBooks and PDF Reader Lite) in my IPAD 4 but it seems I really don't know how to do this properly.

    * First, what I was going to ask is this: is there a way to access the folders from this IPAD using Windows Explorer and not ITunes?

    If that were possible, I could see what's inside and add manually to that folder.

    What I did was this: I opened ITunes, then I selected the "Add files to the library" option. Then I synced my IPAD. Later I noticed some books are not available, I can't find them. And after that, I moved the folder to another location and/or deleted the files from my C:\ Hard Drive. Will that make any difference or the files were already copied to IPAD anyway?

    There's also an option called "Books - Audiobooks / Books / PDFs / Authors / List", and as you can see here:


    It looks like some books are duplicated. BTW, this one, "School of Darkness" can't be found in this IPAD. I tried adding again, but it's not there. IBooks can't find it by doing a search for file keywords.

    What I want is simple: to add files manually and see if there are duplicates, and delete them. And to be sure if all ebooks are there.

    Because I need to delete those files from C:\My HardDrive, once they are stored in IPAD.

    The strange thing is the first time I used this IPAD in C:\My HardDrive it was possible to access by Windows Explorer.
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    What format is it. Because if it's not epub or it's some odd specification of epub or not a vanilla PDF then iBooks can't use it. so if it's like a mobi or lit file you need to find a reader that can read that. And then use the File sharing options under the apps list to save the file into that app.

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