I can't seem to erase Ringtones

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mikegaudiello, Oct 29, 2011.

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    My iPhone 4S doesn't seem to want to allow me to remove ringtones from it. No matter what I do, it refuses to erase a set of 9 tones. These are tones I've made myself from wav samples and converted to m4a, then renamed to m4r, then dragged into iTunes. I've tried the following:

    1 - Erasing ALL tones from iTunes and resyncing
    2 - Disabling Ringtone Sync (now with all tones erased) and manually removing all tones
    3 - Searcing my entire desktop for the ringtones in question. These tones NO LONGER exist on my system; they've been backed up to a separate and now disconnected laptop
    4 - Disabling ALL manual sync, and again making sure all media is unchecked
    5 - Restored the phone

    These tones will not remove themselves. Obviously there's something I'm doing way wrong here. I really thought as a last resort I could remove them with a restore, but they're still there.

    EDIT: If you restore as NEW, you can get these tones off. After that you can restore your apps and data, then all's well. Just a regular restore won't do it.
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    Just noticed that its gone now. Gremlins I 'spose.

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