I can't stand it any more.


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There's too much stuff to know. Every day instruction manuals are piling up around me. There's always some new thing to check out or some sort of object that I have to research. Even the simplest of tasks involve a labyrinth of excruciating minutae. I'm suffering from information overload and I don't like it. I don't even do any real work. How the frack do people work as well as plowing through all this crap. I'm going to sleep and with some luck I won't wake up. When will it all be over.

I feel a bit better now.


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Dec 21, 2004
Hmmm... MJ.... MadJew... MichaelJackson... are they one in the same?? Seems like the latter was trying to take over the world at one point.... I've been thinking too much, too.


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Apr 24, 2003
Lol... try learning the stuff in the Uniform Building Code while trying to produce things that comply with it. It's one hell of an instruction manual!