I can't wait to get iPhone cases in Shops here in the UK!


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Sep 14, 2007
For me personally what I am most looking forward to from this weekend is being able to buy iPhone accessories in the shops!

I have a US iPhone and although I have a very good invisible shield on it which does a brilliant job protecting it from damage I know that one day I WILL drop it and therefore some kind of case would be good for me.

Up until now I was reluctant to go buy one online as you can never be sure how good it will be, whether it will be what I need or not... being able to buy one in the shops is great news! along with other iPhone accessories!

Of course its also good news that for those of us with hacked iPhones we can now buy a replacement for CHEAPER than we got it from the US originally here if worst comes to worst and our phones have any problems and don't work!

For all we know firmware version 1.1.2 will still work with Independence out the box on Friday so we may not even have to do much to get it to work! Except unlock it of course!


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Dec 26, 2005
I bought a Griffin case from carphone warehouse in Birmingham yesterday. They weren't on display but when I asked the assistant he bought a selection from out the back!
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