I can't watch Music Video full screen? Really Apple?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Stunned Monkey, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Stunned Monkey macrumors regular

    Sep 19, 2013
    So before in the Music app if I selected a Music Video and played it in landscape mode, it, well, played in landscape mode, full screen. Genius!

    Now with the music app in iOS 7 if I play a music video and turn it to landscape mode, I get...album tiles. #AppleFail

    Seriously? What genius thought this up? "Hey, if a guy is watching a music video and rotates his phone, I'll bet he wants to see a bunch of unrelated album art. Let's make that happen."

    The only way to see video full screen is from the Video app, but gee, no way to organize anything by artist, playlist, or any other way that I can see. Just one long alphabetical list of individual media files.

    Way to go.
  2. nheilweil macrumors 6502a


    Jul 10, 2008
    Redmond, WA
    Let's start with the basics...how do you even view a music video in the Music app? When I try to play one, they show up as songs and even in portrait orientation I don't see any video. I only ever see the video when I'm in the Videos app. I think the issue is whether you can do it at all, not whether you can do it landscape fullscreen.

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  3. SlasherKG macrumors member

    Jun 15, 2010
    Yeah, I think you've got an issue with your device.
    Music and Videos have been split for a few versions now.
    I can't get videos to show up in the Music app at all on mine, only in Videos.

    I remember back in iOS 5 maybe that I used a jailbreak tweak to combine them back, when I later updated to iOS 6 the Videos category stayed in Music but had some weird issues.

    Did you every have anything like this installed on your system?
    If you did and you have simply upgraded along the way, it is very likely a corrupted setting/system files that you can only fix by restoring as new.
  4. Merkyworks macrumors 6502

    Oct 14, 2008
  5. Stunned Monkey thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 19, 2013
    I've never had an issue (before or now) getting properly encoded music videos to play in the music app. In iOS 7 they still play in portrait mode. The issue is that they've taken away landscape mode and replaced it with the stupid tiles of album art. Moronic. Like, who would ever want to watch their videos in full screen?
  6. SlasherKG macrumors member

    Jun 15, 2010
    Once again, I know what you are talking about.
    I have music videos that came with an album so they are attached to that album and tagged as a Music Video.
    They only show up in Videos, not Music, so there is something about your specific case that is different.
  7. Stunned Monkey thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 19, 2013
    When I sync my phone, one of the options in the Music selection area is a checkbox to Include Music Videos. Possibly you don't have that selected?

    This is a standard install, no jailbreaking, no wacky apps.
  8. wafflejuice macrumors newbie

    Sep 19, 2013
    What the OP is talking about is that those of us who like to have video or podcast playlists have used the Music app to play those items because the Music app is the only one that allows playlists. When they separated things out into segregated apps with iOS 6 the hack we used was setting the "kind" to "Music Video" in iTunes so they would still play in the Music app.

    That hack still works for podcasts, but for videos now in iOS 7 they only play in portrait mode and trying to view the videos full screen in landscape mode you get album art tiles. (Also the new version of iTunes has disabled the ability to "batch edit" or change the "kind" of multiple items at once, you have to do it one by one.)

    For the time being until I find a better alternative I'm using a third-party app from the App Store called Run VT that allows me to create video playlists within the app. Sucks though because the shuffle button doesn't work and even if the video file is set to resume at last position it doesn't remember where you left off. Recommendations for better video playlist managers appreciated. :)
  9. SlasherKG, Sep 19, 2013
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    SlasherKG macrumors member

    Jun 15, 2010
    I do, and it syncs those videos I'm referring to because of this.
    They only show up in the Videos app, not Music.
    This was for sure the way it worked since at least iOS 6, not sure about previous to that as I never paid attention.

    After thinking about it more, my findings are based on using iTunes Match, which I've had since it came out in iOS 5, so it's possible that's why they never show in the Music app.
  10. gentlefury macrumors 68030

    Jul 21, 2011
    Los Angeles, CA
    Works fine for me.

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  11. Stunned Monkey, Sep 19, 2013
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    Stunned Monkey thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 19, 2013
    Is that in the music app, or the video app? I'm talking about the Music app. Works fine in portrait mode but rotating to landscape (which used to work under ios6) now just displays the stupid album tiles.

    The video app is useless for organization. No playlists or sorting.



    Yeah, that's it. If you turn on iTunes Match on the device it no longer syncs video like that. Which is why I don't use it on my device. :)
  12. gentlefury macrumors 68030

    Jul 21, 2011
    Los Angeles, CA
    I don't know how you even have videos in the music app. It's been in the videos app for a while. As the name states. It's for videos. As for playlists. Go to more, playlists.

    Edit, oh no video playlists. No, but was there ever?

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  13. Stunned Monkey thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 19, 2013
    That's the point. they've ruined the ability to have video in playlists and view in full screen, which you could do in the old music player.

    You CAN have video in the music app, and in playlists, if you're not using itunes match. You just can't watch them in full screen anymore under ios7
  14. Wacky World macrumors newbie

    Sep 20, 2013
    Agree with Stunned Monkey

    I agree with Stunned Monkey and WaffleJuice on all accounts. Until iOS 7, I could play music videos from my playlist in the music app in both portrait and landscape mode. Now I can get only portrait mode. Viewing them via the video app doesn't allow for a fluid presentation as before.

    Does anybody know how to correct this issue? Is this an Apple change or Oops? :confused:
  15. moldy lunchbox macrumors 6502a

    Sep 9, 2010
    Raleigh, NC
    Wow another iOS 7 horror story, i'm really not in a rush to upgrade from my jailbroken 6.1.2 to this.
  16. Stunned Monkey thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 19, 2013
    My workaround has been to change the Media Kind to TV Show, which at least allows for some organization within the Video App. It takes a bit of work to re-tag the media files properly though. Once it's done, it's at least possible to have your videos grouped and ordered in a logical fashion.

    If they don't want people using the Music player for video, that's fine. But why not allow for basic organization and playlists in the video app? Any solution that begins with, "well, all you gotta do is..." is a design fail.
  17. CosmoPilot macrumors 65816


    Nov 8, 2010
    South Carolina
    I'm an iTunes Match user. I've also purchased many music albums from iTunes that also contained music videos/additional video footage.

    In all cases, the music video is available in BOTH the music app and the video app. When I click on the video in the music app, I get the same issue as the OP. What really sucks, is when listening to music over cellular from the music app set to shuffle, sometimes it will try to play the video content and then I get the error "This is over 50MB" and my music player stops.
  18. Arthur.Dent macrumors newbie

    Dec 6, 2011
    Agree With OP

    I have many videos from iTunes store, some with albums and some just purchased separately. I also have many smart playlists that mix music and video. I also have iTunes Match.

    When sitting at my desk all day programming, whenever a playlist would get to a music video I liked, I would just wake up the screen, rotate to landscape and watch it (nice way to remind me to take a coding break). This no longer works. The video plays in portrait but there is no way to make it full screen. Watching a wide-screen video in portrait makes it almost microscopic!

    I also agree that I NEVER want to spin through album art while I am listening to a playlist already. If I want to search by album, then make that an option when I actually go back to "Albums", no? Or at least disable it when a video is playing and make the landscape mode go back to full-screen of the video or give me another button.
  19. -js- macrumors regular


    Jul 30, 2008
    Southern California
    If a music video has it's own album name and track number within that album, IT WILL SHOW UP IN THE MUSIC APP. If I remember correctly I discovered this when I bought a Rihanna video from a "Video Triple Play" album. Anyway, not only will it show up in the music app, more importantly, it will show up in your iTunes library cover flow--or it used to, back when we still had that. Now it will show up as it's own album in the album view.

    Some years ago when I was first ripping all my CD's and setting up my iTunes library, I decided that I liked this. So whenever I buy an album with a video included, I edit the information to give it it's own album title, e.g. "She Wolf - Video".

    Of course, I still synch to my computer and iTunes and backup to my computer, and I like to customize my music. I use the Composer field in a special way--sort of. For pop, R&B, etc., the Composer = Artist. But for classical music (Bach, Chopin, etc.) the Composer is actually the composer and the artist is the conductor, orchestra, etc. I like this also because otherwise, the composers list is an insane and confused mess of randomness from whoever filled it in in the Gracenotes CDDB. Or was.

    But I digress!

    Point is that the OP isn't messing anything up. In iOS 6 music videos WOULD (i.e. COULD, if they had their own album and track) show up in the app, and when you rotated to landscape, would play full screen. It was logic and convenient.

    Now, this loss, in iOS7 would be no big deal EXCEPT that the Video App no longer sorts / groups your music videos into artists! It's just one big long list! I have like 100 videos! It's freaking ridiculous to not have them grouped in any way, but only listed in alphabetical order by title! Not good.

    And of course, the music app, in artist view, doesn't give you a sub-view of just albums, but shows ALL the songs in one long list, grouped by album. NOT convenient at all, to say the least.
  20. Stunned Monkey thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 19, 2013
    Yes. Exactly. It's inconceivable that Apple would force us into the Video app but not provide ANY means of organizing them. If it can't use the same tags as the Music app can (and why couldn't it) then at least provide the option to create video playlists.

    As I said above, my workaround has been to re-classify them as TV Shows so I can group them together logically and order them as I wish. Ridiculous that such a thing should be necessary.
  21. Jimasdfg macrumors newbie

    Sep 26, 2013
    Big joke... Your permanently downloaded videos are now unattractively displayed in portrate mode only. Loss of capability - going backword.

    You cloud videos are beautiful landscape but dont see any way to mix list. So... You will now unknowingly burn up your data plan playing data HOGGing videos from your cloud because they just look better.

    Im looking for a way to reverse my o7 back to o6
  22. Jimasdfg macrumors newbie

    Sep 26, 2013
    Cant back down to os7

    Time to shop ANDROID to simple get my full screen videos back - i am serious this is a fatal flaw the intentionally have given.
  23. wafflejuice macrumors newbie

    Sep 19, 2013
    Well, for the time being I'm pacified by the MVP Video Playlist app from the App Store ($2.99). It syncs your playlists (both video, audio and mixed) from iTunes or you can create them within the app.

    The limitation of the app is that apparently the Apple API for third-party video players won't allow the playback of DRMed content from the iTunes Store, so it isn't a solution for those who want to use it primarily for that. However, in my case the vast majority of my videos are rips from YouTube or Justin.tv so it works just fine for me. Also, it doesn't have access to iTunes metadata to remember playback position or update play counts but talking to the developer he says he'll try to deal with that in the next version.

    So it's not for everyone and it's not perfect but it gets the job done for now. Of course none of this would be needed if Apple would just get rid of those stupid album tiles when a music video is playing in landscape mode. I'm used to the workaround since iOS 6 of setting the "kind" of videos as "Music Videos" and podcasts as "Music" to get them to still show up in playlists in the Music app but I shudder to think what the Music app in iOS 8 will be like.:eek:
  24. rcandre2 macrumors regular

    Jul 16, 2008
    This was the first BIG issue I had with ios 7. I spend too much money on music videos and time organizing them into playlists to be forced to only watch them in the Videos app. Complete BS.

    Why is it too that after I synced my 5s with my MBP I have to separately download all my music through the cloud? If it was hard wired to my Mac the music should have transferred like it has for the last 6 years. Now I see a cloud thumbnail next to every song and video.
  25. jagooch macrumors 6502


    Jul 17, 2009
    Denver, co
    Same Here

    This was also the only big issue for me with iOS 7. When I use stationary cardio equipment where I'm stuck in one place for a long time, have music + video makes the time go by faster and keeps me motivated by running/cycling to the beat. Wiithout video playlists, my mind wanders all over the place and I find myself counting ceiling tiles and wanting to quit early because I'm bored out of my skull.

    Apple, help me stay fit by bring back fully functional video playlists! If I get fat and die from an artery block, it's on you!!

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