i changed the mobo and it fit too...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by bokdol, Dec 9, 2005.

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    ok so i could not find a buyer for my mdd 1.25 parts after i fried the mobo. so i took a risk and bought a mobo off ebay... well the only ones they had were the fw800. and this was the model right before that. so i tought i might have to do a case mod to fit the extra fx800 port. well... i did not have to. after taking apart my computer the new mobo almost fit exactly.

    only thing was the airport extream port on the board got in the way a bit..

    but you can fit it. on back plastic panel where the ports are there is no space for the fw800 port. well after taking it off (to my suprise) the actually metal case was made to fit a fw800 port. looks like the older model had fw800 in mind before. (most have removed to keep cost down) and how with no mods to the actual case the board fits and works great.

    now i have a working computer with fw800.. sweet... just thought you guys wanted to knw if the mobo were intrechangeable. i can post pics if anyone is intrested ...
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    Oct 7, 2003
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    There was an empty pad on the Rev. A machines, Apple may have simply run into a supply problem with the FW800 sockets.

    But the Rev. B did make a major change on the USB port by moving it from the KeyLargo I/O chip to a PCI-to-USB chip -- which is what killed OS 9 bootability on that machine.

    Of course the FW800 may not have been a supply problem at all, but an OS9 problem -- which could be why they left it off even after they switched back to the Rev. A boards on the later "legacy" machines.

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