I-chat does not work, disconnects automatically.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by etownsoc8, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Whenever I try and connect to I-chat is automatically disconnects and states: Unable to connect to AIM: The connection to the host was unexpectedly lost. What could I do to rectify this problem. If it helps I am at a friends house using her internet, Ichat works fine at my house. Thanks a lot.
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    Do you get the same issue using something like Adium? If so it's likely your friend's router. Particularly if iChat works for you at home.
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    There might be a possibility that your friends wireless connection or wireless router does not have the proper ports for iChat opened up which could cause the connection to fail.

    Take a look at this link below to an article on Apple Support on the common ports for Apple programs including iChat.


    Hopefully this might help you out there! :)
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    Apr 8, 2008
    Could not connect to AIM The connection to the host was unexpectedly lost.

    Get the "Could not connect to AIM The connection to the host was unexpectedly lost." error? :eek::confused::mad:

    It could be a few problems. These solutions in order worked for me running Tiger/Mac OS 10.4 (& Leopard/Mac OS 10.5):

    1. Make sure your password is correct by logging into www.aim.com
    2. Sign back out of www.aim.com
    3. Open iChat 3.1.9 if not already open (iChat 4.0.7 for Leopard/Mac OS 10.5 only)
    4. Click iChat tab > Preferences... > Account Information Verify AIM Screen Name: and Password: are correct
    5. Now go to the Server Settings tab in that same window and make sure Server: is login.oscar.aol.com (slogin.oscar.aol.com and check the SSL check box for Leopard/Mac OS 10.5 only)
    6. Change Port: from the 5190 default to 443
    7. DO NOT check Connect using proxy checkbox
    8. Press :apple:+1 (Or Window tab > Buddy List to see the Buddy List window) and change your status to "Available" (to attempt to log in again).
    9. You should be able to log on now! :p:D:rolleyes:
    Other Troubleshooting:
    If you click Use Default Settings accidentally you'll have to repeat this :eek:
    If you get the You tried logging in too often try back later...Try again 10 minutes later. :(

    Good luck & if this worked please feel free to copy and paste this solution into the other forum(s) you visit to help others. ;)

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