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Discussion in 'iPad' started by robbie12345, Mar 16, 2012.

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    ok based on the title you probably all know this is about the new iPad (3?).
    I have been very upset about the new iPad release thinking it was a very minimal upgrade.

    Of course i had to go shopping at a mall today for a social event in the near future, and there happens to be an apple store directly across from where i was.

    So what do you know i walk in take a look around see the store is barely crowded and they have plenty of iPads in stock but also guess what?

    every single iPad 2 was replaced by a new iPad!

    so of course i had to take a peek at the supposed beautiful retina display. And what do you know?

    it is second most beautiful screen i have ever looked at (1 being the cinema display, but this is the most beautiful mobile display). So i play around with it, read some text. And it all looks amazing!

    i have an iPad 2 and cannot notice the extra thickness or weight, but at the same time this thing is amazing!

    pure joy to look at!

    so here is the dilemma: i was going to wait for the iPad 4 but this is so amazing i might just have to upgrade, so first who has it already is the battery also better at normal things on the wifi version?

    also what would an iPad 2 mint condition 64gb wifi bring at market?

    is it even worth upgrading?

    the apple employees don't seem to excited and say it isn't really worth it. They can't really say it directly of course because that would violate there terms and conditions.

    so what do you say worth upgrade from iPad 2 or not ?

    thank you
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    Mar 16, 2012
    I think I've seen them post here before.
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    I just got a new iPad today and I will agree that it is a remarkable piece of technology and its Retina Display truly is the Pièce de résistance. It was a gift, so of course I'm elated and I'm gonna keep it with nothing but gratitude.

    With that said, if I still had my iPad 2 (which I gave to my mom and stepdad, since I knew I'd be getting this one as a gift) and a friend came over with the new one, and let me play with it, would be I be running to the store to buy a new one? Probably not. The iPad 2 is still an amazing product and one that will EASILY carry you over until next year, when a newer and more exciting iPad comes out. If you manage to get a good deal on resell and have the spare cash to upgrade, go for it. If not, you're still in possession of a great iPad.

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