iPhone I create GoPoop app to record and analysis my Poop's funny story

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    [GoPoop] is a health app that CobbleFan has just launched this year. This is the designer Grace, and I’m the developer Carmack. Today I’ll tell the story about the design of this app.

    Many friends may wonder, “There are so many exquisite subjects to select, but why do we design this app?” Everyone likes to talk about food nutrition, fitness, sports and sleep, but they don’t speak of poo-poo. However, diets and poo-poo are two major preconditions for human survival. In the final moment of being washed away, the poo-poo may convey the first-hand information on our physical condition. My partner and I thus decided to design the app [GoPoop] for people to know about their health conditions.

    How to collect information about poo-poo? We first believed it should be simple and interesting, so our app is just like a running app. You only need to click “start” when you squat down, then a poo-poo character will poop with you, and then you need to select a few options. For any difficult options, we have made visualized analogy.

    After the poo-poo, we will analyze the user’s pooping situation and give an analysis report for you to know your physical condition and the dietary precautions.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.20.21 AM.png

    It intuitively shows your daily pooping situation through the calendar and warns you to poop regularly.

    We provide a detailed analysis report, including the duration, interval time, shape, color, weight, feelings... You can also share various details of the report to your doctor in one click.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.22.09 AM.png

    Also, we use the icloud private space to save data, which can protect the privacy of users. We don’t save the users’ personal data by ourselves. You may also set a lock screen password.

    At last, [GoPoop] has another feature: it is the first app to support the recording of poo-poo on the watch and it is completely independent. I am a sports and technology lover. Every time I finish running, I will have to poop, and it’s quite convenient to record it through Apple Watch.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 6.24.05 PM.png

    An Interesting Story

    At the beginning, I told Grace this idea. I didn’t expect she would agree to design this app. We all knew that designers were always interested in big and artistic things. It was truly hard for her. She drew lots of pictures of poo-poo on her iPad alone for so many nights. Probably she had dreamed of drawing poo-poo.

    Whenever my three-year-old kid finishes pooping, he asks, “Daddy, what’s the shape of my poo-poo today? Give me your cell phone. Wow, it’s banana-shaped!”


    Since its launch on the App Store, [GoPoop] has received a lot of praises and suggestions. We will make further improvements and optimization based on the feedback from users, so that more people will love [GoPoop] and know about the information conveyed by your poo-poo.

    [GoPoop] is for all users who love life and care for health!

    Downloading link:

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    I feel it is very easy and funny to use, want heard your feedback!
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    hmm.... second "Poop" today!
    One thread about a poop app was sorta funny.
    two poop threads - not so much.

    (isn't that pretty close to the description of diarrhea? :rolleyes:)
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