iPad mini I desperately need help with iTune customer support guys.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Investor27, Jan 18, 2013.

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    I purchased an iPad mini last month, my first Apple product. After the initial Apple ID and iTune setup, I have been able to download free apps for the kids to play with, and have had no problem updating the apps when prompted.

    Last week, the kids wanted me to purchase a game called Triple Town for them, so I purchase a $10 iTune gift card from Ebay. The seller sent me the code, and it redeemed into my iTune account just fine. But after trying to purhase the game, I keep getting the message that the transaction cannot be completed, and that I should contact the iTune Store for support.

    I emailed them 6 days ago. I get an email reply 24hrs later asking me to confirm my account information. Once I've done that, it took them another 24 hours to reply with another question. Answering those meant waiting another 24 hours for a reply and 24 more hours and 24 more hours. It's been six days, and fianlly today I get an email response stating that there is something wrong with my account, and that I'm not in compliant with the iTune's term of use.

    The problem is they would not tell me what is wrong. They pointed me to my billing address. I had to put in my mailing address, which is a PO BOX and phone number. I double-checked, and all information are correct. Yet they keep telling me that something is wrong with my account.

    The only thing that I can think of is that I don't have a credit card on file with Apple. I choose "none" under credit card, and used a $10 iTune card that I purchased from Ebay instead. Even on the Apple Support website it clearly states that I don't have to have a credit card to make purchase since people can use gift cards.

    I was currious to know what is wrong with my account since this is a brand new machine, and I have never purchased anything from Apple or iTune before, so I called in to the iPad customer service people today. They were very nice and polite. The girl informed my that she had to do a "chat" on her computer with the iTune people because apparently they are a different department. We waited 20 minutes before someone there was able to join the chat. 10 minutes later, the iTune girl told my iPad mini girl that she had to get her supervisor to handle this case. 20 minutes later, the supervisor came on the chat, and told my girl to wait while she reviewed the case. 10 minutes more after that she told the girl that she had to continue this conversation in private with me, and only through emailing. So after 6 days of emailing back and forth with the iTune people, and over an hour on the phone today, the supervisor at the iTune store told the girl who was helping me that she needs to continue doing this over email. I got the same email from her stating that my account is in violation with the terms of use of the iTune Store, but she won't tell me what's wrong.

    I'm new to all of this, but I have been patient enough. At this stage, I'm looking at disappointing my 2 kids, but I'm more curious now as to what is going on with my account. The address, email and phone number on file are all correct.

    My question to the community here is there anyway I can escalate this to some main customer service people somewhere who can tell me what is going on? All I want is to be able to purchase a few games down the road. I've always read good thing about Apple's customer service, and was excited to make my first Apple purchase. I'm middle age, and have been a Dell customer all my life. Dell does NOT have good customer service, but I have never had anyone telling me that I can't purchase something because something else is wrong with my account, AND . . . they cannot tell me what it is. Thanks.
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    By any chance are you close to an Apple store?
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    8 miles from the Apple Store at Tysons (VA)
    Sounds as though that eBay gift card may be the problem.
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    According to this


    You should be able to create an iTunes account without a credit card. Maybe the eBay gift card was bogus. Did you specifically ask to talk to a supervisor?
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    I would call Apple directly. Bypass the iTunes people as it is obvious they could not help you. I would ask to speak directly to a supervisor. Apple does have good customer support and I am very surprised that you are having a difficult time. They will not be able to tell you what is in violation on your account as they do not have access to your info, but they should be able to find a solution for you. I would not accept any excuses other than to have them solve it for you. My son had a similar experience with an iTunes card at Xmas. His account showed it there but he could not use it. I finally put my credit card on his account and then he could use it. We just removed the card after he spent it. Nothing was ever charged to my card either. Not sure if that would work for you. I would still go with calling Apple.
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    Wow! Thanks for all the responses guys. I should have posted here 6 days ago, and save myself a lot of headaches. I just didn't want to disappoint my kids. And the game they wanted is only $4.

    To answer all of your questions. No. I do not live anywhere near an Apple Store. The closest one to me is 80-90 miles away. I don't think that the Apple people can do anything about it, though, since there is nothing wrong with my iPad mini, and this problem is iTune related.

    It could be the iTune card I bought from Ebay, but I really doubt that it's the problem. I purchased it from a mother as well, and she had a few pictures of the card on her listing that she had sold to me. She also had 100% rating over over 100, and the only other product she was selling were some of her kids clothes that they got for Christmas. Besides, the card redeemed just fine. The $10 is still listed under my account.

    And no. I did not specifically ask to speak to a supervisor, but the Apple Care girl who was helping me must have asked for one since I've been dealing with this for 6 days now. But that didn't help much, because all the supervisor said to her is that I needed to continue with this through emailing. Outrageous!

    Honestly, I stopped using credit cards and debit cards a long time ago, so I don't have anything on file or one that I can just put in temporary. But that's a good idea, though. Thanks.

    I have tried calling the regular Apple Customer Care twice already, and each time they have to wait 20 minutes with my on the phone for someone from the iTune store to come on and do an online chat with them. Both of the iTune people, one was a supervisor, told the Apple Care girls to tell me that I have to continue to seek help through emails. The one that takes 24-48 hours to reply with another question only to force you to wait another 24-48 hours before they come back with more questions.

    I did just receive an email from the iTune supervisor who was doing the online chat with my Apple Care girl just now, and she wanted me to send an attachment of my credit card statement showing a single purchase from iTune store, and has my address on file on it. I told her that as I have already convey with all of her iTune Store people for the last 6 days, that I don't have a credit card on file, and that I am trying to make my very first purchase on iTune Store ever, so I would not have any statement with a single purchase of iTune on file. Unbelievable!!!

    Edit: What if I just sign off, and when prompted to sign back into iTune with an existing account or create a new account I would chose to create a new account? I would love the $10 that I had just redeemed, but do you guys think I'll be able to purchase the game for the kids then with another iTune card, purchased from Best Buy or Target this time, under a new account? The iTune supervisor said my account has been frozen.

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