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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Maui19, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I just got a refurbed ATV 4K to use as a HomeKit hub for home automation. It works well and I like how it interfaces with the automation devices I have. For kicks, I hooked it up to one of my TVs, and I have to say I find it bewilderingly unintuitive. I get my TV content via Internet streaming services over Roku devices. I have tried Sling and Hulu before settling on YouTubeTV. I have signed into my YouTube TV account on the Apple TV, and expected to be able to find the networks and content I desired, but wow is the interface cluttered. It is so un-Apple like. It reminds me of Netflix UI with just seemingly random being offered up. I hate to feel obtuse about anything computer, but I am very surprised the ATV isn't better. Am I missing something?
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    Yes, it is very unintuitive.

    I find selecting music and movies to be a very annoying process. Scrolling forever through my local iTunes library. Or resort to search box for everything.

    But, sadly, on a television interface, I can’t immediately come up with a better solution.
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    It is just surprising to me that the UI isn't great. Hulu has a gorgeous UI, but it isn't exactly intuitive. However once you "get it," it works really well. YouTube TV has a more utilitarian UI, but it is very intuitive. The ATV UI seems to combine the worst features of these two. I'm quite disappointed, because I was hoping that ATV would be so good I would want to replace my Rokus with it. No joy.
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    are you talking about the TV app on the apple tv? otherwise, the UI on the apple tv is similar to an iphone where its just a grid of your apps. not sure how that would be considered random. (you can select in settings whether you want the home button to go to the tv app or the regular home screen). I love the apple tv but not a huge fan of the tv app.
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    Uh, I get the Siri capability and have used it quite a bit. It can't save a horrible UI.
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    Yes, the TV app. Thanks for pointing out that important distinction.
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    The TV app is relatively new, and you can simply choose not to use it if you don't like it. Some people on here are big fans because it serves up the next episodes of shows they watch, etc. But if you don't like that manner of organization (I don't, either), the ATV itself is very intuitive. Just install whatever apps you want (much like the Roku) and access your content that way. The ability to dock some, reorder them, etc. is nice as well.

    If you don't use the TV app, you can move it out of its preferred spot and also select options so that the home button doesn't put you in that app.

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