I don't get whether Verizon or Apple is responsible for warranty issues

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jekjones1558, Sep 28, 2014.

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    I am having very odd issues with my iPhone 6. I have been able to fix most (not all) of the Bluetooth issues. I have not been able to fix USB issues in my car. I did not install 8.0.1 but had problems installing 8.0.2 and had to do a factory restore when the download failed to install. This is the first time I have had an updating problem in all my years of updates. Today I tried to reply to a post I made on an Apple Support forum using my iPhone. The reply buttons won't work (yes, I was logged in). When I tried to start a new thread the typing in the new post field was invisible. I thought perhaps SwiftKey was corrupt so I deleted that with no change.
    I am starting to think that there is something funky with my iPhone 6 hardware. I preordered from Verizon online and added Applecare over the phone on the same day my phone was delivered. I have an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow after work but if a hardware issue is suspected, would I need to go back to Verizon for replacement? I usually order from Apple but I was switching to Edge and adding a couple of lines and couldn't figure out how to do that online. And would any replacement phone be a NEW phone or a return/refurb?
    Thanks for any help. I guess I am spoiled because I am used to my Apple products just working. Even though the size of the iPhone 6 is perfect for me, I am beginning to miss the reliability of my old iPhone 5.
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    Apple can replace it if it needs to be. I'd imagine this early on, it would be with a new device, but generally it'd be with a refurbished one (but again since they're still so new they likely don't have refurb's yet)
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    All replacement and warranty issues and applecare is provided by the manufacturer of your phone. Apple.
    Not your wireless provider.
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    Thanks for the info. Now if the genius can just be a REAL genius I will be golden just like my iPhone.

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