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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Xexis, May 31, 2013.

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    I Contacted Apple Care earlier this month for fan issues in my MBP 13 Mid 2010. It sounded like a Motorcycle revving after a stoplight. I was also having issues with a zapping or clicking noise. Whilst unpartitioning Boot Camp; Disk Utility froze so hence I lost all my data on the drive because it wouldn't even recover when I loaded the OS X system disk for repairing of the HDD. Flash forward to getting the MBP back logic board and fans working great! Yet I use my lion upgrade disk I made and install Windows 7 HP x64 in a boot camp partition it installs everything is fine, then after about 30 mins and running the patcher for a game. Guess what? The Zapping crackling issue happens AGAIN not once but THREE times in a row. And it locked the computer till is would BSoD. So my only resort to having a similar sized HDD is to pull out my 500gb from my 60gb PS3 and use that instead. Well guess what? I swapped out the hard drives MYSELF and now they are ZERO issues with boot camp and the MBP runs better then it ever did.

    So after the TL;DR post what should I do to approach apple care that they said they would test all parts, yet the Hard Drive was still faulty? And I had to lose my data not only on the MBP but my PS3 data as well? Then I as the consumer had to make the 'repair' myself when it should have been done by Apple Care in the first place?
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    Put the stock drive back in and bring it back to them and tell them which symptoms you are having.

    Your only other option is to bring it in like it is, and tell them basically the same things you've said here.

    The first option is the going to be the path of least resistance, so that's what I would do. You can't blame them for you losing all of your PS3 game data either, because you made the choice to use that drive in your own troubleshooting steps.
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    Errors happen, things get missed.

    If Apple missed the faulty harddrive on inspection, but did replace/fix logic board and fans, they obviously didn't shirk their responsibility; replacing an hdd isn't a big deal after the other work they were doing.

    However, the right thing to do would have been to return to them for the final fix to be made, ie. replacement of hdd, once you discovered there was still a problem.

    You didn't give them the chance unfortunately. I would have left the faulty hdd in and took it right back. At this point, the only thing you can do is put the other drive back in and take it to them.

    I know it's an inconvenience, but good luck! Politely be assertive and they may throw in some goodies.

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