I don't like iPhoto..help me out.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by andrewt1187, Aug 1, 2007.

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    Jul 6, 2007
    I'm a recent switcher. I used to use Picasa to manage and view my pictures. I have two main gripes with iPhoto that I hope I can change:

    1. Whenever I connect a camera, iPhoto pops up to import them. However, I can't see the pictures that I'm importing nor can I select which ones to import. This really, really bothers me. Sort of related: I'm doing research and I've been taking pictures of what I've been doing for my report. I take some, import, take some, import, etc. Yet, they all don't go to the same folder. They go to MSI, MSI_2, MSI_3, etc. Also, Windows used to name the files according to the folder they were imported to. I liked this. For instance, pictures from 'Beach Trip' would be named 'Beach Trip 1' 'Beach Trip 2', etc.

    2. Picasa would display each of my picture folders seperately in the navigation pane. iPhoto just puts them under the year, so I had to create a bunch of seperate smart folders so that I could navigate better.

    I think thats it.
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    1. Use Image Capture (both to set default action when a camera is attached, and to view and import selected images off a camera or memory card).

    2. Use View Film Rolls.
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    And stay out of the library in finder. Do all your organizing from within the app itself.

    In the app, rename the film rolls to a name that is more indicative of what is in the roll. As you import more and more, you can move photos from one film roll to another -- for example you import today, and then again tomorrow. If the photos are related, move tomorrow's photos into the "roll" you created today. Then they are all together where they belong, and the roll name will tell you what is in ther.

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