I don't miss the "Start" Menu

Discussion in 'macOS' started by robcoles, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Sep 25, 2007
    First I should say I am a "switcher" approximately 2 months in, I've been what I would consider a power computing user for sometime, working with Sun Solaris, SGI IRIX, many iterations of Linux as well as the ubiquotus Windows 3.1,95, XP. A long time ago I used to view macs as a kind of home appliance, great for people who did a few simple tasks, but not an open computer for those with more complicated requirements. As Apple moved to a UNIX kernel and I became exposed to their products through initially an ipod, but most recently the iphone and specifically in that last instance, the huge amount of gymnastics I had to go through to synchronize my address book from my Palm/Thunderbird setup to the iphone.. I decided finally the time had come to consider a platform where things "just work" and you don't have a to try to pull together a mass of varying qualtity vendor and shareware products to get seemingly simple tasks done.

    So thats the background, and to say I am impressed with OSX would be an understatement.

    One of the many UI differences between Windows (all version since 95), Gnome, KDE is the lack of a "Start Menu" - which acts as a catalogue of installed programs.

    On Unix, when Gnome /KDE introduced this item.. I have to say I was very happy to have it. Prior windows managers usally had a "Quick Launch" icon box, where you would store the most frequently launched applications, but for
    anything else it was the norm to drop the command line to launch the graphical program, my preference is to either being typing 2 handed on the keyboard or work almost entirely with the mouse, I don't like having to hop back and forth between the two to get tasks done.

    However on both Unix and Windows, it soom becomes a necessary task to "maintain" the menu, too many applications install extra icons... or in the wrong place, some fail to remove once the program is removed, or upgraded.. the menus frequently come out of sync with reality..

    All of them also provide a "QuickLaunch" bar which I launch the most frequently used programs from.

    On OSX there is no "Start" Menu, which I contend is a "good thing", because of the logical layout of the actual programs on Disk, it makes it unecessary.. The most frequent applications get put onto the "quick launch" dock and anything less common is avaiable by browsing the Applications folders.. Why doesn't windows do this ? - they have a the "Program Files" directory.. I would say it would be a sensible move.. but removing things is not the redmond way :) - Why do Gnome/KDE clone the windows behaviour.. well I guess the reason is that unix progams graphical or otherwise still tend to be installed on system wide paths /user/bin /usr/local/bin /usr/man.. I think this should be changed for graphical apps, Unix should concede and adopt an "Applications" or "Program Files" with category and/or app subfolder convention.. it makes install quick and easy without the need for "packages" - it can provide an intuitive way to locate less frequently used programs.
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    Sep 29, 2006
    Give QuickSilver a try. I can launch apps faster than with the mouse. Just press Control-Space and type 'S' Enter and it runs Safari, 'IP' Enter runs iPhoto. The most used app is always the first to pull up. If you don't want that one arrow down through the list and then press enter. You can also find any file, tab instead of enter, then 'E' for email, tab enter in email address press enter and the file is sent.

    I can't live without QuickSilver.
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    If you fancy something that works a bit like the start menu drag the application folder to a blank area of dock to the right of the vertical seperator bar ;)

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