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May 25, 2010
Go to “Test Patterns” on the Netflix App within your Apple TV 4K.

When playing S1E1, it plays in 3840x2160 at 23.976fps. This is confirmed by the numbers in the top right corner and the 4K badge that shows while swiping down within the video.

S1E1 - S1E5 all play in 4K (which is confirmed by the numbers in the top right corner and when swiping down to show the 4K badge while watching the video.)

But S1E6 only plays in 1920x1080 at 50fps (when it should be playing in 4K). What’s concerning is when I swipe down from the top it shows the 4K badge (not the regular HD badge), and numbers in the top right potion of the video only show it playing in 1080.

This also happens for S1E6 - S1E8. For some reason when playing these episodes on the Netflix App through the Apple TV they can only play in 1080p (even though swiping down shows the 4K badge).

Lastly, when playing all 8 episodes directly through my Sony’s built in Netflix App, all episodes stream in 4K properly. Can anyone else check their Apple TV 4K out and confirm? Thanks!


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Feb 20, 2012
Treviso, Italy
I have noticed issues like that indeed. I believe the Netflix app sometimes can be awfully slow to reach 2160p. Also it doesn't buffer much content fro skipping backward, compared for example with the PS4 base (3GB of RAM for the OS. But only 1080p content).

Then, to be honest, I also have issue with the resolution using the app in the Bravia TV, the PS4 mentioned and Chromecast. So bad that sometime the videos start and stay at 240p for 10 seconds or more. The ATV 4K always showed at least a 720p image in my tests (but it's pretty much random).
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