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May 3, 2022
Apple announced in iOS 17 that there will be no URL tracking parameters, meaning no tracking code is sent to Google Analytics so that marketers can see the performance of their campaigns.

Is there another way to track metrics without using URL tracking parameters?
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Sep 18, 2012
This only applies to Mail, Messages, and Safari Private Browsing. It does not apply to third party mail, messaging, or browser apps; nor does it even apply to regular/standard browsing in Safari.

This just feels like a cat and mouse game to me. Apple will somehow need to know what are valid tracking parameters to remove from the URL (i.e. remove the 'gclid' parameter, but not things like 'productId' or 'userId'). They really have no way to know which parameters are essential for the page to load correctly, and which ones are just extra fluff used for tracking. My guess is they'll need to maintain a list of valid or common tracking parameters somewhere.

Nothing is stopping Facebook, Google, or other advertisers from creating new parameters so that they could go undetected until Apple updates their tracking protection. Or maybe companies will start using short URLs more often to hide all the parameters. There are other ways to track as well...cookies or by IP address.

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Sep 21, 2018
I often visit a site that talks about upcoming DVD releases. I try to use their links to take me to Amazon so the DVD site will get a portion of the sale. If I’m browsing privately, would this hide the DVD site from Amazon?
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