I don't understand how photos are stored!

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    I'm so confused. One time, all your photos on your iPhone were under one album. I hate how they're split up now and I don't know how to find them.

    I just bought an iPhone 6, and I restored my photos but I'm worried some are missing. When I go to Photos, under "Recently added" it says 240, it was much higher prior to the restore. If I go to General -> About it says I have 1,930 photos. In photos if I click "Photos" I have WAY more than what's in Albums -> Recently added, but I hate how they're displayed (I know this is a new feature).

    How do I consolidate my photos instead of having them scattered throughout all the tabs in "Photos"? Also, should I be worried that the recently added number is lower post-restore?
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    The Doctor11

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    If you click on the tab way left bottom corner you'll see all of your pictures. Basically Apple ****ed up and took out camera roll. But they put it back in in iOS 8.1 so when that comes out it will be all good again

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