I dont understand my syncing options

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    Basically I need help figuring out how to set up my new ipad 2 to work best with my macbook and my work load.

    I have tried reading up on syncing and various app options but I really am actually stupider on the subject than when I started.

    What I would like and relevant info:-

    Would like to be able to write on both my ipad and macbook and for the documents to sync in a cloud (I suppose like dropbox as icloud doesnt exist yet.)

    I would prefer to keep the formatting between iwork and MS Word as much as possible - I can use either but my colleagues use MS Word.

    I would obviously like to avoid having multiple copies of the same doc - I really need to have one master copy in the cloud.

    I am a current mobileme user.

    Will the upcoming icloud solve any of my problems?

    Can anyone shed any light on my options - my head hurts - this doesnt seem like a big ask as far as my needs go so I figure I must be missing something?
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    This will all be much easier once iCloud comes out but for right now there isn't one service that does it all.
    There are many that do some.
    For documents if you use iWorks you can set up with iwork.com

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