iPhone I don't undertand the Podcasts app...


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Sep 25, 2012
I've been searching the interwebs for an hour trying to figure this stuff out but I should be studying and decided to let the fine folks at MacRumors quickly solve my likely simple issues.

I'm running iOS6 on an iPhone 5.

1. When I chose to subscribe to all of my (already subscribed to through iTunes) podcasts using the app, and then also turn on the auto-download option, all of the OLD episodes of every podcast showed up in the list, even though they had all been listened to previously. I went through and deleted all of them manually by swiping the individual episodes (which ended up being hundreds), but maybe there was an easier way to do it? I just turned off the auto-download feature for fear of those old episodes turning up again.

2. When I've listened to a podcast on my iPhone which DL'd automatically, then synced with iTunes, that episode doesn't delete from my phone anymore. It still auto deletes from iTunes, but remains on the app. Maybe the issue here is that I still use iTunes to manage my library at all, but I guess I don't understanding the interplay b/n the app and iTunes.

3. When I've downloaded a podcast manually usuing iTunes, then sync with my iPhone, it no longer syncs the podcast from iTunes on my Macbook. Instead, that episode attempts to download manually. Maybe it does this b/c I'm on WiFi at school (and not at home, where I don't think this was happening). I could have already solved this issue by turning off automatic downloads, but in theory I'd like to leave it on so that all of my podcasts update in the most efficient manner (which in this case would have been to just copy it from iTunes).

Thank you so much for your help/insights! I love my new iPhone 5 and iOS6 for the most part, but podcasts are a HUGE deal for me and I'm hoping I can figure this thing out sooner rather than later.



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Oct 25, 2011
I think the problem is that the app is just ill-conceived.

Subscribe is something I've wanted for a while. Yay, app! But the implementation is dumb. I got all my podcasts fixed and then the first app update came out and reset everything.

The way I used do use it is I would save the last episode of podcasts I follow. When I run out of stuff to listen to I would click the "load new apps" button on each podcast and download anything new that's showed up. I then delete episodes as I listen and am left with the last one and try again.

Right now it shows every podcast I've listened to, integrating the "what's available online" and "what I have on my phone" lists into one. And when I delete a podcast locally it disappears from the online list.

I'm not sure how often the podcasts are polled and when new podcasts are downloaded.


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Aug 14, 2011
Let me get this out there. The default podcast app on the app store sucks. I use PodCrucher (Much better and I think its $0.99? could be wrong :p)
I've never used the default podcast app since then.