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Apr 3, 2010
Central CA
With all the talk of the new consoles coming out, I started thinking about my old ones, and I realized that while I have in the past year or so dragged out my N64 and my Atari Jaguar, I hadn't played my Dreamcast in a while..., I spent the weekend getting acquainted again with Fur Fighters (I got the iPad version, but haven't gotten used to the controls), Rayman 2 (I got the Nintendo 3DS version, but the Dreamcast version surprisingly holds up well), Record of the Lodoss War, Crazy Taxi, etc.

I didn't get to spend a whole bunch of time with it, but it sure brought back great memories. Considering the "looming threat" of DRM with consoles, I wonder if kids of tomorrow will be able to do this with future consoles.

Any other Dreamcast fans with fond memories out there?


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Jan 24, 2012
Loved my dreamcast! In fact only two month ago, I've discovered it again in some deep down box thought it gone forever...

Absolute favorites were Crazy Taxi, Outrigger, Capcom vs SNK and Metropolis Street Racer MSR, one of the NFL Blitzes (my only football game ever, but soo much fun with friends). And Shenmue ,of course.

You've ever played Power Stone? Crazy fun in multiplayer, but it totally wrecked my console, had to return it..:D (the console, I mean)



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Dec 31, 2004
"No escape from Reality...”
Definitely one of the BEST consoles out there...

I'm putting my originals back in their boxes as I have them complete mint-in-box.

My play copies are actually the rarer black ones.

I just got extra copies of my favorite games as the prices on DC games are starting to go through the roof.

There's a way of playing copies, but being a console purist, I like playing the original consoles with original games and controllers.

There's a great new retro shop in the Chicago Suburbs (Tyton Games - plug for a great local shop with great owners). More of these local shops are starting to pop up, and some even do retro console repairs. Much needed now that newer consoles may no longer be vintage collector friendly.

Great vid on the DC history:

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Feb 19, 2003
Planet Zebes
Absolutely loved the Dreamcast!!! Probably one of my top 5 systems I've ever owned and I've owned systems since the Atari 2600.


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Ahh Powerstone was awesome!

I also had a blast with Seaman, and teaching it to say nasty things to my college roommate!

My favorites by far were Shenmue 1&2, along with Armada.

I ended up selling my collection of about 40 games to someone in Bulgaria who had to bribe the post office with vodka to pick it up, along with the policeman outside with another vodka. My biggest mistake was specially packaging both Shenmue's and forgetting to pack it with the rest. The purchaser was quite a bit worried thinking I was also stiffing him.

HA! Found my old FS thread!
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Mar 27, 2010
Still have my Dreamcast set up and play it from time to time. I still play Monaco Grand Prix, F1 World Championship, Daytona USA and one of my favorites, Flag to Flag as I loved the old CART days.

The Dreamcast was a great system. I remember thinking when I first purchased one that the difference between the Dreamcast and any of the other consoles was massive in terms of tech. Crazy Taxi looked so much like it's arcade counterpart. Then I hooked up the VGA Box and was shocked at the crisp visuals.

Still has a homebrew community and some of the games that have been released are great.
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