I exceeded my data limit because of an iTunes match bug

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    iTunes match has been a real pain since the beginning because of countless minor bugs, but this is by far the worst I've had so far.

    It seems like since I upgraded to iOS 5.1, I can't turn off iTunes match playback over cellular data. As you can see in those screenshots, the toggle in the "Store" section of the settings does nothing, I can still play music that is in the cloud and not stored locally on my iPhone.


    The problem is that I just noticed this, and I've been using my iPhone with 5.1 for weeks. I usually listen to hours of music a day by just putting my iPhone on shuffle and listening to whatever music is stored locally unless I have Wi-Fi connectivity (my "cellular data" toggle being off in the Store settings).

    My data plan only gives me 500MB a month, and obviously I downloaded much more than that with my iPhone having played hundreds of song from the cloud without my consent.

    My next phone bill is going to be super pricy for sure, and I was wondering if:

    1) Is this a known problem with iOS 5.1 / iTunes match? Any way to fix this?

    2) Do you think there are any chance I could get a compensation from Apple since this bug is going to cost me a lot?

    I hope I can fix this without the usual "just restore your iPhone as a new device" solution because right now I have to turn off my cellular data completely every time I want to listen to music and it's a real pain...

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    To perhaps avoid the issue, there is a checkbox under the Music section of the settings to not show tracks that aren't on the device. I'd give that a try.

    As for compensation, you'd have to ask Apple. Can also see if your carrier would be understanding.

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    Apple will not help you. You should call your carrier and ask them to forgive the overage charge.
  4. Yujenisis, Mar 31, 2012
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    I'm not sure if that's a bug since the cellular data toggle is for Automatic Downloads (buy on one device and without intervention it downloads on other configured devices), not for iTunes match.

    iTunes match requires a deliberate action on your part. B perhaps the real issue is that there isn't a cellular data toggle you can enable for iTunes match.

    I do not think Apple will give you anything other than sympathy since this is an oversight and not a bug, but I would definitely tell Apple that they need to enable a toggle for iTunes match and not just Automatic Downloads.
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    There's a toggle under:

    Settings > Music > iTunes Match

    That allows or disallows music downloads over cellular. So that is where you'll need to disable it.

    And seeing how it's already there Apple probably won't help you.

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