I feel that shutter speed on iOS 6 is the fastest - please confirm

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by blackbirdz, Feb 23, 2016.

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    I bought iPhone 4S with iOS 6 few years back and I feel that the shutter speed on the phone is very fast. I used the phone mainly take picture of my kids when they're playing. You know kids are always moving and it's challenging to get a great shot. With iPhone 4S, I was able to capture good shots on them and not blurry, it's like the phone was able to stop my kids and get a clear picture. So, it was a magic.

    iOS 7, 8 are out, I am starting to see that I am no longer able to take pics as good as it used to be. So I thought it could be the hardware.

    iPhone 6 Plus is out with iOS 9, it's definitely a buy. It's a great phone, but again, the shutter speed is not fast enough. When I took pics of my kids when they're playing, there is some parts that got blurry. So I had to ask my kid to stand still to get a clear picture - but it's no longer a shot with fun moment anymore.

    Anyone may suggest?
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    When I had iOS 6 and before, it felt like the shutter took forever to take a picture, but once I upgraded my phone to iOS 9, the camera took photos way faster than it used to. If you have slow shutter speeds, you may have HDR turned on
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    Look at the shutter speed in the EXIF data of images from both phones taken in the same lighting. Very possible they've tweaked the metering.

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