I finally went to buy a 13" MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by BBQ BOY, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. BBQ BOY macrumors regular

    Feb 23, 2010
    at Best Buy today and guess what? They are sold out. Go figure. I have been agonizing as to which size MBP to get and then I finally commit to find out I can't buy it. Hahahaha. As the World Turns.
    Now back to the drawing board. I have to have a new computer within the next 2 weeks and I doubt the revision will be out. It will force me to get a 15", which I can not afford at the moment.
    I am not a fan of buying things like this online and do not care for my local Apple store.
  2. Disc Golfer macrumors 6502a

    Dec 17, 2009
  3. crobbins macrumors 6502


    Nov 11, 2006
    I know you said you don't like your local Apple Store, but if you need one now and that's the only place you can get, you probably should just go in and get it. The experience would probably be pretty painless if you just go in tell them what you want and get out quickly. This would save you the money of having to get the 15 inch you don't want.
  4. reallynotnick macrumors 6502a

    Oct 21, 2005
    Go to apple.com or amazon.com, it's actually $50 off right now at amazon and depending on where you live you might not have to pay tax. Both sites have free shipping.
  5. coolmacguy macrumors regular

    Dec 6, 2002
    You do have to pay tax at Apple.com almost everywhere since they have retail stores almost everywhere now. Not at Amazon usually.
  6. Surely Guest


    Oct 27, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    Well if you're going to be so picky.....

    There are no other stores anywhere near you that sell them?

    What's your problem with the local Apple Store?

    I'd recommend joining the rest of us in the 21st century and buying it online. I bought mine on Amazon for $150 less than Apple's price and no tax on it at all. I had it 2-3 days later. Quick and easy. Delivery with signature.....
  7. BBQ BOY thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 23, 2010
    I'd rather not get into details of what problems I have with my local Apple store. I like them OK. I do however prefer to buy from Best Buy since I think their warranty is better.
  8. chriszzz macrumors 6502

    Oct 29, 2008
    You might be the only person to ever say they prefer anything about Best Buy over any other electronic retailer.
  9. Gen macrumors 6502a


    Jul 15, 2008
    Buy it online with an education discount. I don't think Best Buy offers the education discount.
  10. cmanbrazil macrumors regular

    Feb 3, 2010
    bestbuy told me that you could buy their warranty for it, which includes the accidental waranty
  11. Crath macrumors newbie

    Feb 24, 2010
    Don't be so ignorant. Best Buy has some good deals, and good service. Their warranty is much better in my eyes because of coverage of accidental damage.
  12. agr5 macrumors member

    Dec 7, 2009
    Best Buy does indeed offer the educational discount.
  13. jlblodgett macrumors 6502a

    Apr 18, 2008
    I have been thinking about buying from Amazon... but at the same time I am always holding off because I know as soon as I buy from Amazon, then Apple will release new models.

    I think Amazon has a pretty good return policy though. Plus they are cheaper than the Apple store, will sell without sales tax, and ship for free.
  14. notjustjay macrumors 603


    Sep 19, 2003
    Canada, eh?
    Almot every Mac I've bought has been from the Apple store online, with the education discount when applicable or from the refurb store. The one exception was the 20" aluminum iMac, because my PowerBook hard drive had died and I was in a rush to get a replacement machine.

    I'd buy Apple refurbs again in a heartbeat.
  15. Winni macrumors 68030


    Oct 15, 2008
    The only problem with that train of thought is that it is not Best Buy who will give you the warranty for your Apple notebook, but Apple. And the difference here is that Best Buy will probably send the thing to Apple for repairs while the Apple Store should be able to do it on site.

    And guess what? If you buy the thing online (or from Best Buy), you can still go to the Apple store for service.

    So whatever you do, you will end at the "Genius bar" (still a ridiculous name) at your local Apple store.
  16. nanotlj macrumors regular

    Jan 15, 2008
    I would strongly suggest you buy from J&R. With free shipping, discounted price and 5% bing cashback it is the best deal.
    Last time I got my mac mini 2.53 there at around $710.
  17. I3eXa macrumors 6502

    Aug 24, 2004
    Not to piss you off OP but if you are set on the 13" just order online from Amazon/Apple, or give the money to a buddy and have them go buy it from you if you're so worried about going to your Apple Store. Otherwise go buy a PC and stop stamping your feet like a 2 year old. /thread
  18. BBQ BOY thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 23, 2010
    but I like stomping my feet. It gets under people's skin like yourself.
  19. reallynotnick macrumors 6502a

    Oct 21, 2005
    The warranty that covers accidental damage is an arm and a leg, don't be fooled into thinking the standard warranty will cover accidental damage. At least that's how it was when I worked there (I worked home theater last summer so I am not 100% sure on the computer prices).
    Personally I say just pick up AppleCare with an educational discount for under $200 for 3 years, way better deal then Best Buy.
  20. Surely Guest


    Oct 27, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    Why not? We've got the time and the space.....

    Since you don't want to go into detail of your problems with the Apple Store, I'm going to assume that you got banned from the store for some reason...... did you go around pressing control-option-command-8 on all of them? Was it porn? Were you hogging the kiddie iMac?
  21. BBQ BOY thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 23, 2010
    hahahaha. your funny. You really are itching to know.
    Let me think about it. How about that.
  22. wschutz macrumors 6502

    Jun 5, 2007
    Ha ha ha

    I'm not giving any money to Apple unless they release the new ones, I sold my ltae 2008 MBP because I wanted to buy the new ones when I realized there would be a refresh, and I have been holding the purchase.

    However, if Apple doesn't release anything before next Wednesday, I'm afraid I will just buy the battery for my old MacBook, and keep the rest of the money in the bank for at least a year, probably more... I got used to working with the MacBook again... so it isn't much of a hassle for me :) and Apple won't be able to count 2000$ more ;)
  23. Surely Guest


    Oct 27, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    Actually, I don't really care that much.

    You can keep it to yourself. My life will go on......
  24. shambo macrumors 6502a


    Apr 4, 2009
    But shouldn't you be waiting for a March update, or some such figment of the imagination?

    edited to add thumbs down.
  25. NYY FaN macrumors 6502

    NYY FaN

    Jun 22, 2009
    New York
    since when? I was told they do not give the student discount at best buy. I hope you're right since I have a BB gift card I can use for a mbp but I highly doubt they do. Also I would much rather buy straight from apple over best buy all things being equal in price.

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