I fixed icloud (me.com) push email on my ipad!

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  1. sparkstsa, Oct 17, 2011
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    sparkstsa macrumors regular

    Mar 12, 2010
    I don't know how or why this works but I have confirmed it works for me after trying all kinds of combinations of things.

    I have 3 email accounts

    On my iphone I have icloud, yahoo, and gmail set to push and they all have been working fine.

    On my ipad, I have the same 3 accounts. I have icloud set to push and have yahoo and gmail set to manual, since I have migrated everything that I know of to my new me.com address.

    I left them set to push on my iphone just in case I missed something and if I get an email through yahoo or gmail... I will then know to migrate it over to my me.com address.

    Since I wasn't getting push emails to my icloud account on my ipad, I thought I would set one of my other accounts to push and test to see if it was working. It worked fine. I never changed it back and while I was doing some things, I got an email to my me.com address and it pushed to my iPad???

    Knowing that the only thing I did was change one of my other accounts to push... I went and changed it back to manual. Killed my mail app, sent an email to my me.com address and... nothing... didn't push.

    So I set my other account back to push, killed my mail app, sent an email to my me.com address and... got an instant push notification.

    Why this is happening, I have no idea. I have tried it quite a few times and get the same results everytime.

    If there is anyone with a similar setup, could you please try this and see what kind of results you get. I'm interested if it fixes your push problems with icloud too.
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    Sep 29, 2011
    This does not fix the push issue on my iPhone.

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