I forgot how much I loved having a phone with a giant screen

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JoeG4, Sep 21, 2014.

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    Before purchasing my iPhone 5S, I had a Galaxy Note 2. Having small hands, I never really thought I'd be a giant phone person, but T-Mobile offered me a deal I couldn't refuse, so I went with it. This was one of the early barn door phones, so it felt awkward talking on it in public, but it was a joy to read websites and play games with!

    At the end of my internship last year, I remember watching the keynote in the office and seeing the iPhone 5s. This time around, not only could I afford it, but there was a version for T-Mobile, too! I was totally going to get one, and I did! It quickly became my favorite phone, because it felt great in the hand, but over time I found myself wanting to use my phone less and less.

    It had the best sound, and the most reliable bluetooth audio I've ever used, and the screen was gorgeous, but using touch keyboards on it was a nightmare. I don't have fat fingers, but I just typoed so much on it!

    However, my hands were pleased with the form factor, so when the 6+ came out I didn't see how I could possibly live with a big phone. The 19th came before I even had a chance to think it through, so I missed my chance at ordering it online.

    Then the in-store pickup thread popped up here just as I was warming up to the idea, so I meekly ordered a 6+ and picked it up last night. My hands were apprehensively sore at the thought of another 5.5" phone, but I just couldn't resist! The idiots from my uni's CS club kept on talking about how idiotic it was to buy an iPhone - "welcome to 2012!" ... I think they provoked me into it xD

    When I got home and pulled the phone out of the box, I had this horrific thought. Oh good grief, THIS THING IS TOO DANG BIG! The top felt like it wanted to tip out of my hand, and my pinky got sore from trying to keep the phone in my hand. :\

    Quickly though, I fell in love with the darn thing. It feels almost the exact same size as my Galaxy Note 2, but it's got the same impeccable metal and glass build my iPhone 5s has. Typing on it is a joy, and spending a few minutes in the morning reading email, checking out reddit, and watching some stuff on netflix was fantastic!

    When I used the Note 2 as my main phone, it did get a little awkward at times, but I realize now how much I love these giant screens. Sure, it's a little uncomfortable, but they're easier to type on, and reading is a joy!

    So anyway, here's a size comparison of the three :D

    Actually I have to say, while Apple was at it, they should've stuck a notification light on there. lol! :D
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    There is not an image of link on the 6 Plus. I am disappoint.

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