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    Mar 19, 2011
    Hi I was out tonight and found a AT&T iphone 4, it was late and the battery was dying so I shut it off to save the battery so I could call the owner tomorrow morning. I have a iphone 4 on Verizon and they use the same charger so I turned on the iphone and it wants a passcode. I want to return it to its owner I know there is a application that the person can send a sms to the phone with contact instructions I do not know if this phone has it so I will wait till monday. I no one gets in touch with me can I take it somewhere so I know it will get back to its owner like a apple store? I don't trust at&t stores I think it could get picked up. I am not looking to unlock the phone I just want a way to return it to the right person
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    Mar 8, 2009
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    you can insert the sim card into another att iphone and attempt to call the owners contacts
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    Mar 2, 2010
    Try doing this. It should work.
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    Passcode? You mean the 4 digit one you can turn on/off in the iPhone settings, or do you mean a SIM password?

    If it's the basic passcode you can still hold in the home button to activate voice control, and you can try commands like "call home" or "call mum/dad", etc.

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