I found this kickstarter earbuds, "Murel Zero."

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by pat500000, Aug 18, 2016.

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    I thought maybe you guys would interested for iphone earbuds....check it out.
    I copied and paste the updated spec.

    Here are some of the improvements we've made to the headphones specifications

    1) Larger Battery; the battery is now 70 mAh in each earbud. (Previously, it was 60 mAh)

    2) In our personal testing the production sample, the playtime is a minimum of 2.5 hours but is closer to 7 hours on the high end. Our initial estimate of 2.5 hrs max was our based on our desire to not over promise and under deliver.

    3) The Impedance is now: 16Ω (We initially said it was 32Ω)

    4) The factory we’ve partnered with did initially test "balanced armature drivers” (BAD for short) in the Murel Zero. These drivers are more expensive and were not producing better sound quality. In order to bring the price down for our backers we went with the traditional drivers as engineered by the sound experts at our factory. They sound just as good as the BAD drivers but without the high cost.

    5) In our campaign video we initially stated that the battery in the charging case would be around 480mAh, or four charges. The specs we are now getting from the factory have it at 138mAh or one full charge. We will be working with the factory to try to get a larger battery in the charging case. That being said, with the increased battery life of the Zero’s, even with the lower case capacity the total play time would still be between 12-14 hrs! Our original specs had the Zero’s at a max of 12.5 hrs including the four charges from the case. Rest assured, that while we will still be working with the factory to increase the case battery, the total playing time has not been affected, and if anything, has increased.

    Thank you for your continued positive support of our campaign! We are very excited to bring you the Zero’s. We have several cross promotions planned and look forward to being fully funded very soon! Then, it’s on to the stretch goals!
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    Interesting. I think Bluetooth Earbuds are going to really start taking off. The 3.5 Jack being deleted will ultimately push consumers in a corner, being with Bluetooth earbuds and obviously Bluetooth headphones. And Bluetooth 5 will be here soon enough.

    I'm all for Bluetooth earbuds, but at what cost and quality? And I would have to be cautious not to misplace them. Battery life is expected to be with in 3-4 hour range. Let's see if Apple introduces Bluetooth earbuds in the next year.
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    Beware of Kickstarter products you may never get anything. I signed up for a kickstarter project for earbuds three years ago and am yet to see any product. Lots of excuses but no product.
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    I hear you...but this company got verified by another backer....
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    In regard to misplacing them...yeah..but they offer recharging pack so you can place it.
    Originally, I wanted to stick with wired...but last couple days I've been running...and this wired keeps getting in my way.
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    i copied and paste from comment section from KS.

    1. About track record: If it'll help ease anyone's concerns, Murel have a P01 model on Amazon, above-average reviews overall. https://www.amazon.com/Murel-Wireless-Headphones-Built-Microphone/dp/B015RVNIO6

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