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    I noticed the screen to be somewhat yellowish. I read some articles in google about it and had found a way to fix it by charging it in max brightness and not enabling the auto off. That way the ipad will overheat. I'm currently doing it now. Now I ask, is it safe? my ipad is getting hotter and hotter. O.O

    Should I be bothered with that yellowish screen? It sometimes looks bothering oh and I almost forgot, say you view the ipad in landscape with the home button in your right and you tilt the ipad forward, the screen becomes cool. That is my observation. I wonder if it will be fixed by overheating it. By the way, I put a matte cover in it. Is it the cover that's making the screen somewhat yellowish?

    my ipad has no backlight issues

    also pls try to confirm this,

    there are two straight bars in the right, do you see dirty green and purple or green and blue? I see dirty green and purple in both my ipad and my pc O.O

    how do you see battery information where you can see the cycles left, etc?

    EDIT: when you flip the ipad (portrait), the color is cool and perfect :D but when in normal(portrait) the color is warm :(

    I left my ipad for 2 hours charging and I thought it charged and after I plugged it out, it says 3% :( Anyone experienced that? The cause? I think I saw a wrench icon in the battery icon
    Guys, I'm really thankful to those who will reply ASAP :D
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    ALL refurbished iPad's that come from Apple get a NEW battery and outer case. I would suggest turning off the iPad 3 and charging it that way first. It will take around 4-8 hours depending on how low the battery was depleted. If you are charging and using the iPad 3 then it will get somewhat warm on the back. That's normal and it will get warm to very warm while gaming, that's also normal.

    As far as the yellow tint, I can't offer much advice as it's ALL UP TO YOU. If it bothers you a lot then get a replacement. A lot of the iPad 3 refurbs were probably returned for tinting issues perceived by the user. I thought I had a problem with my iPad 3 screen and put it up against my iPad 2 and was surprised that it was all me as they both looked identical.

    The best way to see if you have a problem is to compare it with another great looking screen. Again if that's all that's wrong and you can live with it then I would keep it or wait for the iPad 4th Gen or buy an iPad 3 from Target where they have a generous return policy.

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