I had a vision. Need some suggestions.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by revelated, Mar 6, 2011.

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    Amidst all of this hoopla about processors and iOS and all this nonsense, I like to look for productivity innovations - inventions that will actually improve how I do what I do to make me better at it. I woke up one day and realized that I lack one specific thing that would make me more productive every day. Worse, unless I'm missing something, nobody has thought to address this with a viable solution unless one wants to do a bunch of manual work. I've gotten older and realize that there really is not much time between when I wake up and when I need to go to work, and that time is the only time I have to efficiently plan what I need to do for the day. I need a dashboard. I need something that I can show up on my 27" iMac every morning or my large Quattron.

    Here's my task. My company actually has software that will do part of this, and I'll be looking into it. I want to wake up in the morning and have certain data bits show on my screen in rotation. We sell digital signage which is perfect for this. It will show four separate slides in rotation.

    On the first slide, I want to see traffic, full traffic, including reported accidents and construction. This will help me decide whether or not I need to pay for the express lane to get to my destination faster. I need to have the current express lane pricing displayed...that will be a little tricky, but I'll figure it out.

    On another slide I want full weather forecasting for my local city.

    On another slide I want fuel prices around the city in targeted zip codes that I frequent.

    On the fourth slide, I want the below, and it's this fourth that I need some suggestions.

    I want access to a full screen calendar. This calendar needs to do one thing: automatically pull down my workplace calendar events as they are added. I don't want to have to log into the server every time to get it, I want it to just update itself as a view of my day/week/month. I don't need to otherwise interact with it, just a birds eye view. The problem I'm facing is that apparently, no calendar solution supports Exchange 2003, which is what my company chooses to use until its wheels fall off (2014). Exchange, being one of Microsoft's more reliable products, just works and most companies are not inclined to spend more money when there's nothing wrong with what they have.

    iCal wants Exchange 2007 so that's out, that seemed to be the easiest option.

    Google Calendar wants to import events but not sync them. Doesn't work.

    Could run Entourage but I don't want to run something like that just for a calendar view. Was hoping for something lighter.

    Outlook 2011 wants Exchange 2007, and in any case it's the same concern as Entourage.

    Any suggestions? If I can pull this off it would be quite possibly the most useful technology I have.
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    Sounds like you need to do the job youre paid for instead of asking forum fan boys for advice

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