I had no smartphone for 30 months! Life was... interesting...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aussiekiwiguy, Aug 13, 2016.

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    Aug 13, 2016
    My first smartphone was an iPhone 3G in 2008. I went on to own a 3GS, 4 and 4S. Then between July 2013 and February 2016 the only phone I had was an ancient nokia flip phone that I could only use to call and txt on.

    On February 6 2016 I was like, I need to get an iPhone again. It had been so long I had forgotten about them so when I walked into a shop and picked one up, I was like a baby in a candy store, excited and hypnotised by this new technology.

    I got a silver iPhone 5 16GB.
    But I had played with an iPhone 6 and within 4 weeks I was hungry for a larger screen and more storage. So in March I went back to that shop. They didn't have any 6's in stock so I bought an iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (I didn't get a 6S Plus because I was on a budget and they are $200 more in NZ).

    At first I found it way too big, but I got used to it and really loved it. It was amazing having something to do at bus or train stations, on the toilet, and I enjoyed the Facebook phone app way more than the desktop version. With maps, no longer would I get lost trying to find someones house. I used uber for the first time not long ago. And i finally signed up to snapchat!

    Two weeks ago I got a bit drunk and dropped my 6 plus, without a case on it. Screen cracked. Instead of fixing it I sold it for $500 and went into one of my local carriers to get a replacement.

    I decided on the 128GB Rose Gold iPhone 6s and it's aaaaaaaamazing.
    It has enough space that i've put all 236 episodes of Friends and 26 episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt into the VLC app for me to watch whenever I get bored. I'm going to add all of 30 Rock soon and then leave the rest of the space (about half) for photos and apps.

    The perfect size for me as I am a male with normal sized hands. I got used to using two hands with the 6 plus like a pig gets used to rolling around in the mud, it's fine if you don't really know any better but now that i'm using a 4.7" screen I doubt I could go back to a plus. I can't stop looking at the thing and it's in my hand almost all day haha. I could never switch to android because i've used a few and they're ugly and weird. I like the aesthetics of the iPhone range.

    Life without a smartphone is awful and I don't recommend it, it's like living in the 90s again (I'm 27). I know I should have waited for the 7 but it doesn't look that amazing, and if it is, i'll just sell my 6s and buy a 7, no biggie.

    Some things I've noticed that have changed since I owned a 4S
    1) I care about how much storage I have, I never used to look pre-2013 and just delete things as needed.
    2) I see my iPhone 6S as more like a mini-computer than a phone.
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    I didn't have ANY type of phone for 4 months and it's was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but I got the 6 last March and now I'm just waiting for the 7 to come out
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    Wow that's crazy in this day and age. I could only imagine how much more you appreciated an iPhone which most of us take for granted.
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    Aug 13, 2016
    It's like discovering something brand new which is really fun. I have Bipolar affective disorder and I had a very serious manic episode in June 2013 and was hospitalised and then released and given so many antipsychotics that it turned me into a zombie, so I couldn't work, hence able to afford an iPhone and in any case I was so dead inside I had no desire to even buy one. During my manic episode I was in a foreign country and lost two iPhones, 2 Macbooks and an iPad so I had nothing when I returned to New Zealand and $0 in my bank account.

    All I had was a ****** windows 8 laptop.

    I stopped taking those awful drugs at the start of the year and my personality returned so I went crazy with my spending and I now have a Macbook pro, iPhone 6S and iPad mini 2 again. I felt so lost without my apple technology, and sometimes resented how expensive apple makes their products when I wasn't in a position to afford any. But they're worth it. And i'm happy. Life is good again haha :) I treat my iPhone like I would a child. That is to say, I feed it with a charge when it's almost dead, don't let strangers touch it without asking me first and put it on silent when it makes too much noise. Lol
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    I can't even imagine functioning without a smartphone. Heck, I keep my old iPhones as backup when I upgrade to prevent that from happening.
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