I had to ask 1 more stupid question.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by ring, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. ring macrumors regular

    Nov 17, 2011
    Hi. Sorry;

    - 2011 iMac 21.5

    I recently updated to OSX Lion and sense then I have noticed that my Mac isn't 100% silent anymore. I mean, I could always hear the fan. But, now, I can hear a bit of a "computer thinking noise". (The type of noise that windows computers make whenever they (power on, power off, open something, type something, etc). I have noticed that slight (crrrrrk) noise after updating to Lion. I formatted my Mac HD. Erased my ubuntu install I had running, and all like that.

    So my question to you is; Is this normal? For /new/ macs running Lion to make this noise? Or is this something I should be worried about?

    - THANKS :D :D <3
    - Merry CHRISTMAS
  2. ring thread starter macrumors regular

    Nov 17, 2011
    Ok thanks - I know it is a normal noise for computers to make but I'm used to working in a room that is 100% silent, and I have never noticed the noise on snow lepord.

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