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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by rezwits, Jan 18, 2013.

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    To me a ballpark figure is: 20% of people work on laptops and desktops (if not more ;)) and need them to work, 80% of people consume media, games, etc.

    After you read an article such as the above, it's always what you hear from people, laptops are going away, desktops are going away etc, blah, blah.

    I think Apple should get two divisions, a Consumer Division and Producer/Developer Division, I know it would probably end up being more expensive Production equipment... but gees.

    There just seems to be so much chatter on forums everywhere about Apple's product lines disappearing here and there and what have you. If there just were two separate division like Sony and other companies do.

    I guess I am ranting :p

    All in all, to sum up, I think there is becoming a serious line between, a computer you work on and a computer you relax with.

    I mean I don't think the majority of people use there TV to work on, NO they sit on their couch and relax with it. They don't say oh the TV's going away why? Because they would NEVER want their entertainment to go away. But I honestly don't want WORK to go away...

    To me work is fun, especially work the Mac way... :(
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    Aug 27, 2012
    Since the 80's they've been saying papers are no more, everything would be electronics and yet... I don't know what you are ranting about.

    iPads have serious uses, I know Airlines are equipping their pilots to carry iPads these days rather those heavy paper manuals they used to lugg (scary that pilots need manuals with them on flights). So if the new devices service a function more efficiently so be it, that's progress.

    People, and that includes Jobs will always say, This New Thing will take over blah - blah, whether it's going to happen or not. What they gonna say? Spend years developing a new product and say, hey you want to buy it fine, you don't it's OK with us? And what will the bloggers get paid if they don't find some new thing to keep them writing.
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    I'm sorry but to pick up on one of your arguments... Sony.

    Sony are having all sorts of problems with their product lines working together seamlessly. Sure Bravia sync sort of works but by no means is it AirPlay.

    To suggest that if apple had two separate divisions like Sony and other companies then apple would be better off is farcical. Sony's TV division is haemorrhaging money and their games division has only started making profit on the PS3 in the last 2 years.

    I honestly don't think there are enough opportunities for a separate pro division to exists profitably. Yes there may be some studios who can afford to upgrade their kit as often as apple would like but we are still in a climate in which most companies are cutting back and not spending. Therefore the consumer market is the one to focus on for the near future
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    Apr 28, 2008
    I don't think laptops are going away even for people who only use them for consumption. They just need to be upgraded less often and thus sales are going down.

    For example my sister who is a singer, does not need a laptop for work and really doesn't understand computers at all (every time I visit I have to explain to her ram vs hard drive storage and beg her to start backing up her data)

    I've shown her my tablet which she likes. Her current laptop is a 6 year old dell (it is barely holding on). I think she would like a tablet but money is tight for her and her first priority is to get a new laptop. She knows and I know that even though tablets can be a lot of fun they don't yet replace a full computer even for very basic computer users like my sister.

    Not all websites work properly (or at all) on iOS and android. Printing to any printer is still something that is most reliably done on a computer. Storage and access to files is something that for the average user is still easiest on a PC where you can just plug a USB flash drive in access the file from a file system and then go. My point is I don't think most average consumers are replacing PC's with tablets. It is just a lot more fun and desirable and cheap to consider a tablet for you next purchase if you already have a decently functioning computer.
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    Las Vegas
    I guess I am praying...

    I guess I am just praying, that Apple and other computer companies don't change the landscape in the next 5-10 years to an iPad (Tablet) only world, by just refusing to make laptops cause they only bring in 10-15% of the sales compared to iPads. And even stop making "Heavy" desktops, like Mac Pros, in favor of iMacs (Monitor Macs), because they only bring in 15% of sales.

    Like I said, I guess I am just praying here...

  6. Weerez935 macrumors regular

    Dec 13, 2012
    I don't think they would benefit for making a consumer and "pro" line. The problem with a lot of companies that do that is how they do it. For instance the companies that do often offer crap with good specs or super expensive models with similiar specs but better quality. Apple doesn't really make stuff of crap quality.
  7. Saturn1217 macrumors 6502a

    Apr 28, 2008
    This is exactly what apple used to do with the original plastic macbook and the more premium macbook pro. Back in those days for a lot of people the macbook was spec-wise powerful enough as a computer but you got all kinds of quality perks from the pro (much better screen quality, better build quality, backlit keyboard etc.) for ALOT more money (back then the entry price for the Pro was $1999 vs $1099 for the macbook).

    I'm not saying it would be good for Apple to return to that way of thinking but they definitely had consumer and pro lines before.
  8. leman macrumors G3

    Oct 14, 2008
    I don't see any signs that something like this will be happening in any near future. Apple has two highly successful lines of laptops (Air and Pro), a compact office machine (Mini), the best AIO on the market (iMac). The question is just about the Mac Pro - if it will be updated this year, then all speculation about desktops going aways is baseless.

    And of course the majority will be happy with just a tablet. I don't see anything bad about it either. If someone only needs a computer to surf the web/write mail and watch videos, why would they need a full-fledged machine? Tablet is so much more practical.


    They already do it - and they always did it!

    Consumer - tablets and Airs ,Mac Mini, lower-end iMac
    Pros - Macbook Pro, Mac Pros(? - if refreshed)
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    Jul 3, 2009
    So, take a team, working together to make products, and split them apart.

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    Yeah but...

    There is only so much "Working Together" 2,500 - 5,000 - 10,000 or so employees can do...

    I see things now days, as everybody gets a phone, everybody gets a tv, everybody gets a console, etc

    They can work in a cog like fashion.

    I understand, that as a company they work together, i.e. making sure all the devices have an email app, browser, contacts, networking, etc... but it's the need for specialization in "micro" areas instead of "mass" areas.

    I think that's the problem in general. It's not like Apple makes a product, where they only sell 100 units or under 1,000 to the general public.

    It's seems like if a product can't be mass produced and sold to EVERYBODY (100-200 million or so Worldwide), it's not worth making, and that is lame.

    Just sucks, but I seem to think that's the way the world is...

    I mean back in the old days, I don't know how many Apple //e's they made probably like 5 mill (just wiki'd), but when you had one, you knew you were working with something special, just learning Basic programming or whatever.

    Now, it's like micro chip slap down.

    I mean I understand one day in the future people will just buy a 256 core chip for their pocket, and that will run everything in their life, with Airplay type Displays everywhere, and Cloud wars etc...

    But I am just nostalgic about the life I live now. I don't want it all to be iPhone in my Pocket and Tablet on my Coffee table, and a big TV display, where computers are all MICR-OED out and disappear.

    I love METAL, and the feel of a machine in my hand :)

    I guess I am having a hard time embracing the current -> future that is coming.

    I love my keyboard. where I can rest my hands and type at will, and move with my fingers on a trackpad.

    I suppose I see iPads and Tablets just as viewing devices, like mini-kiosks. Not really a tool you can use to get things done. And yes, I have a fear where Apple just makes computers for development for INTERNAL use only, like they already do, but even more so.

    I mean could you imagine, 10 years from now, Apple is all streamlined and they have only 2 Products with 3 variants:

    iCore for your pocket that has either 256, 512, or 1,024 cores &
    iDisplay with three sizes like small(5"), medium(10-20"), and large (55"+)
    and all the Displays do is draw whatever you have on your mind from the iCores

    And that's it, all development done in house at Apple, and by the Movie and Music, and Game studios.

    Look at the development of PS3 and Xbox games, they cannot be easily done by hobbyist (cause of price), but either will Mac Apps, or iPhone apps, if they take away the tools needed and go 100% consumer based, to maximize profits.

    I have to quit. I am starting to ramble :p Just saying tho...

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