I hate junk apps!

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    Hi awhile ago, I download a junk app called Screen Snake from the App Store.
    Fews days ago, App Store informed me of its update, I tried to update but this piece of junk kept giving an update error message. I dragged it ti trash and emptied the trash. Now every I start my Mac, this piece of junk re-appears in my Applications Folder as if it's trying to update but is doing nothing(see attached image) How do I get rid of it?

    I use to think junk apps belong to the Windows world, I guess I am wrong.


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    If there are apps you no longer want on your system that you purchased through the Mac App Store, you want to hide the purchase and of course delete the app from your system. Hiding apps will prevent the App Store app from trying to install or update the hidden app(s).
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I went to Mac App Store to hid it, guess what? It's baaaack. now it looks like this in the App Stroe and I can't even hide it anymore

    People who make junk app should be sent to China to do 10 years in labor camp!!

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