I hate LCD paranoia


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Aug 25, 2007
ok so i'm about to purchase an iPhone and after reading through the entire 5 series vs 7 series thread, i'm kinda paranoid about getting a 5 series. My question is: Are all currently shipping iphones 7 series or do they still produce both 5 and 7?

I thought I read somewhere that the 5 series were only at the beginning of production and then they switched to the 7. I'd much rather have the 7 series, not necessarily because it is "better quality" (in most people's opinions), but just for peace of mind.


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Jul 7, 2006
The only thing better about the 5 than the 7 is that the grid of dots is less noticable. 7 is more contrasty and overall looks better, just don't look to close or you'll see the dots. :)

I have had two 5s and two 7s. I prefer the 7.


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Apr 6, 2007
Just go and get an iPhone, and then open it up.

Does it have any dead pixels?

Does the color and image quality look good to you?

If so, then you have nothing to worry about, regardless of whether it's a 5 or 7.


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Aug 3, 2007
Let me just share a story..........

When I first got my iphone, i was happy.........i thought my screen was perfect..........i was happy.............

When this debate first came up, I as with many of us checked my phone and saw that I had a 7 series phone. Based on the comments in the beginning, with the 5 being brighter, and with no dots, blah blah, that the 5 was the "superior" phone...........i was NOT happy.............i thought my screen was no longer perfect...........i was NOT happy..............

Then as the debate raged, more people came on to say that the 7 had better color contrast, and could be the "superior" phone............and i was happy again...............I thought I got the better screen after all............and i was happy..........

This went one for a few more cycles, and one day i came to realize, despite all the back and forth and the up and down of the discussion, my phone's screen had not changed, not one discussion point made my screen any better or worse. I have no dots, never did, my brightness at max is way to bright (i have it set to 1/4) so it doesn't matter if th 5 can go brighter, all in all, my screen is still as good as it was when i first got it. and yet, because of what others were saying, my perception of my screen went from good to bad to good and on and on

how silly of me. how silly of us. granted some screens have issues, 5 as well as 7's, but for those iphones where there are no problems, life is good, life should be good. this should not be a debate about 5 vs 7, but about defect free iphone versus defective iphone. Could one version be more prone to defects? possibly, but if you have one that is problem free, enjoy it. and tune out the debate