I have 2 512gb tMBP. What to do

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by gigapocket1, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I have 2 2016 MacBook Pro with touch bar.. 512 gigabyte. I really only use 1.. I only technically paid full price for 1.. I was able to go get the upgrade for replacing the battery a couple of months ago on the 2013 MacBook. And to be honest. That computer has just been sitting there collecting dust.
    The other day, I got low storage notification and basically computer was almost unusable. I’m not sure what to do.. I ended buying 1tb of iCloud storage. So I have all my photos and documents etc backed up now and that has opened up loads of space on computer.. I think I have close to 200 gigs free now between that and deleting other various things off my computer.
    My question to you all is.. should I sell both computers for roughly $2000 a piece and just buy a 2tb MacBook Pro.. or just stick with what I got? And just embrace the cloud.

    Part of me feels that getting the 2tb MacBook Pro is the way to go.. it’s just very hard to spend over $4000 on a MacBook... that only has 16 gigs of ram.. I think I would fully do it if it had 32 gigs of ram.. I feel like that computer could easily last the next 6-7 years.
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    What is eating up all your space. Is is possible to off load this to a local storage device like a NAS that will have higher transfer speeds than cloud?
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    $2000 a piece is pretty high when you cane get brand new ones around that at various websites. 2016 MacBooks that is.
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    Jan 23, 2017
    How often do you need the files that take up the most space? Do you constantly need access to all of them? If not, a good DAS solution would save you quite a lot of money. If so, a good NAS solution could come through for your needs, IMHO. Unless you constantly use every single file, and you absolutely need the speeds of the internal SSD, IMO you could find a solution that meets your needs for a lot less than the price of upgrading to the 2TB model.
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    I was just guesstimating the prices.

    I don’t need access to the files everyday. I’m just a hoarder who hates to delete things lol.. and I like to just always have everything.
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    Jan 23, 2017
    It sounds like an external SSD + cloud would work fine or a few compact 128GB USB-C flash drives (which you would then backup to your Time Machine hard drive same as you do with the MBP's internal drive.)
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    Far better to have levels of redundancy. Personally I use on-board storage, external storage and a secure cloud service. All the data on a single SSD that's integrated directly onto the Logic Board of a MBP is in some respects asking for trouble, and certainly will be in the event of a hardware failure.

    If no use for the second MBP sell it and put the money away for the next model of interest. FWIW my own 15" portable is capable of significantly more storage than the current MBP (2 x M.2 + 1 x SATA), equally even with multiple physical drives I still "off load" unnecessary files/data...


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