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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by sam10685, Apr 8, 2006.

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    ...i have some music on that mini. 11.97 gigs to be exact. all of that music is on the administrators account name thing. how do i make othr accounts that go to the same 11.97 gigs of music. if i go to my admin. account to see how big all of the other accounts are, the admin. account is there, i have other accounts that i rarely use and another account that i use and has stuff in it so it is a bigger sized account. shouldn't the accounts i create after the admin. account use the same songs and pictures and everything? am i doing something wrong? should i delete the other accounts and start again from scratch?
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    you have to enable sharing in iTunes and iPhoto to be able see each users music from each account. this can be set in Preferences for both apps. for iTunes any music from another user will be available as "play only" meaning you can listen but you can't put it on your iPod or add it to your own library. but it sounds like all these users are you anyway so that might not matter. if you want true sharing of the same music files amongst multiple users then you can move the iTunes folder from your home folder into Macintosh HD > Users > Shared. then you can point everyone's iTunes to read from there from Preferences > Advanced in iTunes. i set ownership of the iTunes folder to "system" and my girlfriend and i are both able to read and write to and from the Library. we both have admin privileges on that machine and it works perfectly so far. you can pick which way is best for you. typically the regular iTunes Sharing works fine for most people.

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