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    Aloha everyone,

    I am ecstatic with my new iPhone purchase, with but one exception - email. My Gmail account is good, but I am also with Time Warner (Road Runner) for internet access. When I initially synced my iPhone, my mail settings were synced over. Since then, I've been a bit hit and miss, with respect to whether the email shows up on my iPhone or my iMac.

    For example, my brother (who is also with AT&T, but doesn't have an iPhone yet) sent me two emails, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. He has MMS vice SMS only, but I've received his emails on my iMac (via mail.app) with no problems in the past. I checked both using mail.app and the web interface I have for Road Runner, but never got the one on Saturday. I got the header on my iPhone, but in the body was a message stating that the email had not been downloaded from the server.

    Today, I got his email in Road Runner's webmail, but NOT in mail.app or on my iPhone. I checked the preferences of mail.app, but as I had not made any changes, there really was nothing to check.

    At this point, I am rather befuddled, and can't find any explanation for why I have to jump through hoops to get email both on my iPhone and my iMac. I even contacted Road Runner Tech Support, after which an email came to my iPhone asking for my participation in their customer support survey. I have set my iPhone to never download any mail (I can always do that at home), but even so, the tech support email never arrived in my mail.app inbox.

    Has anyone else had this sort of problem with their POP mail account? Gmail, as I noted above, is performing perfectly - it's only the Road Runner email that's acting up. The tech even check their mail logs, but to no avail.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated

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    Mail questions

    Thanks for getting this topic started, HawaiiMacAddict, as I have some questions and theories myself.

    I live out of my PowerBook, and I want ALL my mail to be recorded there. I have a Cube which I sometimes use for outgoing mail (bcc to myself via the PB) but I don't want to pull any mail onto it.

    I think the iPhone pulls whatever mail is available on the server at the moment it checks. The same would be true for your iMac, HMA.

    Ideally I would like to pull all mail into my PB AND my iPhone, and I would want all deletions to be independent to each device.

    Does anyone know a solution? I think we could use mailbox rules to move incoming mail to a "safe" folder so it wouldn't be deleted from our Macs if we delete it from our iPhones, but what about insuring that ALL of the mail is available to pull down into each device?


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    Do a search and there is a thread with a work around. I would give you a direct link but I'm on my phone

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