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May 23, 2021
Hi Guys,

I am facing a strange problem, The TP-Link DECO X60 Router that I have is giving me issues while connecting via a PPPOE connection. The Deco does not connect using a PPPOE Mode. I escalated this issue with Senior Technical Support in TP-Link and even they did not have any idea on why the Deco was not connecting via a PPPOE mode when we were following all the right steps. There after this issue was escalated to their Shenzen Office which happens to be the TP-Link Head Quarters. They took a remote access of my computer asking me to first connect the ETHERNET Cable into Deco and then connect the same Ethernet Cable to the Laptop and everytime the Logs would say I am entering a wrong password which I was not. So on further investigation

Turns out the fault is my ISP uses a Password which is in an un-encrypted format and DECO uses and receives Password only in an Encrypted format. And hence it does not log me in.

Now the Possible solution they have asked me is ffirst ask your ISP if they can provide a password in Encrypted format which has straight away been denied by the ISP. Second they will make a build, a software release specially for me available only to me which accepts password in DECO in an Un-encrypted format.

The Deco works fine in Dynamic IP mode when the PPPOE connection is made in the ONU (XPON/GPON) Unit that I use for ISP fiber cable connection.

My question is am I better off using a Dynamic IP Mode then having a build which has not been tested thoroughly with a Potential to break something while ammending something ?

Are there any drawbacks of using Wifi in Dynamic IP mode versus having the PPPOE connection in the Router itself ?

Thoughts and suggestions please ?
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