I have a problem with unscrewing and removing my HDD

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by XPcentric, Jul 16, 2014.

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    I have a Macbook(Unibody) and I want to replace the HDD with an SSD/
    On the back of the case there is a drawing saying just one screw, on top should be removed. I have a screwdriver which worked perfectly for the bottom two screws which seem to be the same size, but it just doesnt work for the top one.

    I didnt damage the screw totally, but I wonder if anything can be done.
    (eventually breaking that piece of plastic ?) Then I don't know anything about mounting this SSD which came just like that. (As they say on the booklet, I think SSD manufacturer also sells a bracket for SSD as upgrade)

    EDIT: I managed to unscrew it after using a knife to create a place, for inserting the screw. I didnt even get to cut too much, because I managed to use the knife as a screw. I was surprised by that, else I had to cut more deeply.

    I used method number 1 here:
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    If you are talking about the 4" bracket, held on by 2 screws, that forms part of the top securing peice for the hard drive then you can get these of E-bay. Just search for "Macbook hard drive bracket". They are about £8 in the UK

    If you are talking about the whole MacBook back plate, one screw is only a cosmetic problem, if however you can't live with this then again replacements can be found on E-bay.:cool:
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    That part is available on iFixit for $29.95 or on eBay for cheaper. Don't feel bad as I stripped a screw on the bottom of my MBP. It was fun getting it out and replacing that.

    I believe OP has an aluminum unibody MacBook.

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