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    Hi All -

    If I have a list of numbers in one spreadsheet can I have the sum of those numbers show up in another spreadsheet? And, if I change one of the numbers in the calculation I would want the number in the other spreadsheet to instantly update. I know how to do this in Excel but don't know how to do this in numbers.

    Please help ....

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    It depends what you mean by "spreadsheet".

    You can cross-reference stuff between tables and sheets within the same document. You can not, however, cross-reference stuff in a separate document.

    If you're trying to go between sheets, type your equal sign, then just started typing the sheet name. =Sheet 1, for example. It should auto-fill pretty quickly.
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    And not in Excel either, I think. That would be quite a trick. Document, file, ...I think in Excel, it's called a Workbook. Within Workbook A, you can have Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc. You certainly can make a calculation on Sheet 1 that updates something on Sheet 2, but I don't think Workbook B will pay any attention to it.

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