I have a webtheme and a dream, need an architect

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by billyboy, May 24, 2006.

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    I have come up with a concept for a website, put it together so it is more or less working cross browser in Rapidweaver. I would take care of the blog side of things, deal with general content updating.

    I have about $500 to pay someone who can knock my design into shape re the css, and integrate some presumably readily available scripts into the mix, (ie to add some revenue -generating options I want a database of links that would be updated live by users inputting their own data into a form. I also want a means of auto playing a library of photos in a window on the homepage and a reliable way of showing desktop video hints in QT.)

    The site needs to work in Windows Explorer PC and Safari
    and I would want the developer to load it up for me onto ASO so I have a lean, secure and scalable site.

    I currently use Rapidweaver and dot mac because it is so easy for someone like me to maintain the site structure, and th enext release in June looks as though it is getting quite serious and already has full html and php options, but I would be OK if someone suggested a better way to get this type of site up and running, I am open to suggestions.

    I had a theme developed before by a rapidweaver specialist and was happy with the overall look and so on, but the let down was the length of time it took. So, if you are interested and would just get on with it till it was done, let me know. Thanks.

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