I have an actual question about restoring from my backup...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ssledoux, Sep 16, 2016.

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    I am planning to restore my new phone from my cloud backup. I know I likely won't be able to do this at the Apple Store because of how long it will take. My daughter's internet is really fast, so my plan is to go back to her house after I get my phone and do my restore.

    Is there any way to use the phone just as a phone in the meantime? I don't know how far I can get into setting it up without actually setting it up (does that make sense?). I just want a basic setup to have it operating until I get somewhere to actually restore it from my backup.

    I promise this isn't my first rodeo, although it probably seems like it. I've had every iPhone made. I always used iTunes up until my last phone, so I am not that familiar with all things iCloud.
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    Sep 14, 2016
    I recommend enabling find my iPhone before you leave the store. Then continue later.


    just skip the entire setup (skip iCloud/itunes/passcode/touch id/etc) it will just be a phone.
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    You can set it up as a new phone and later wipe it and restore from backup.
    But don't charge it locked with wlan access it maybe erease the old backup.

    Edit: My old backup from iphone6 is still there btw. Got mine iphone 7 3 hours ago.
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    Make sure your current phone is fully up to date. Both the old phone and new phone MUST be running the same software version for this to work.

    Go through the set up on the new device without signing in to anything at all. Don't set up a pass code. Don't set up your Apple ID. Nothing. Just skip all steps and get to the home screen.
    Once you get to your daughters house, open the phone settings -> General -> (scroll to bottom) Reset. Tap: erase all content and settings.

    At this point the phone will reboot like a brand new device.
    Now you can go through and restore from a backup. Just carefully read what's on the screen and follow all prompts.

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