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Oct 11, 2011
i am on the fence on what to do i have the htc m8 and i would love to know if you switch to the iPhone 6

Yes I would...but iOS just fits me better. Camera is pretty important to me, otherwise the M8, IMO, is the best android phone out until the next moto x and nexus are released.

iOS just fits my work and lifestyle better. If you are unsure...wait until friday and then go play with the iphone. If you like it, get it...and keep your M8 until after the return date of your iphone, so that you can decide on which phone you want to keep.


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Apr 8, 2013
No. Although I don't like the fact that it has a rubbish camera and a non removable battery, in its favour it has a micro SD card slot and runs android. Plus it has a nice design and has the zoe feature and a good pair of speakers. Which in total is more than what the iPhone 6 has going for it.


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Nov 24, 2009
The iPhone has one of the best cameras out there ignoring the lack of features and 4k video. Not the best but probably In a top 3 list it would be second to something like the lumia series.


Jun 18, 2010
I have the M7 which has worse battery life than the M8 and produces purple photos in the dark, and I still have ZERO interest in the iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Look at my avatar. I just love tinkering with Android more. I am trying to support HTC and Xiaomi for as long as I can. I want to see newer faces rise to the top. I'm already sick of Apple and Samsung. I give both companies their fair shake of kudos and criticisms though.

Now if you prefer iOS more, than I say go for it. Get the 6. I think hardware is pretty much a "push" to me with maybe GPU and camera going to iPhone 6. It now all depends on if you want a smoother software experience and ecosystem. I haven't been using an iPhone as a daily driver for nearly 3 years and didn't have an iOS device for 9 months. When I started using the 5s as an iPod touch, I felt like I didn't miss out on much. If I had an M8, I likely won't make the switch. Too many cool things like BlinkFeed, BoomSound, Zoe, and double tap to wake features. There is really nothing new from Apple that Android users haven't been accustomed for years now.


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Mar 23, 2010
Nope. Not unless the camera part is bugging you. It's the one thing keeping me from going M8. However, the reality is can you really see a difference in the pics coming from it for what they are used for? I'm a photographer and would say, I doubt it. There's more to cameras than Megapixels of course, but the reality is anything above 8mp on a traditionally sized print or screen display is not going to show much in the way of detail differences the majority of the time.

Tig Bitties

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Sep 6, 2012
Why downgrade to the iPhone 6 ?

IMO the HTC One M8, converted to GPE is the best smartphone of 2014


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Jan 12, 2012
If you like iOS, then yes I would switch your phone, but if not, then no, keep the M8.


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Jul 2, 2008
Definitely if you prefer iOS as they now have the larger phone to go with it.

(my opinion as a bigger iOS fan vs Android)


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Sep 14, 2014
I would definitely not buy in to the pre-order hype and buy w/o seeing it first. Go to the store and handle it, then decide. I think more than anything, this year, Google and Apple are forcing its consumers to invest in a platform more than ever.


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May 3, 2009
i am on the fence on what to do i have the htc m8 and i would love to know if you switch to the iPhone 6

What platform do you like the most, iOS or Android? I don't think there's a right or wrong answer but rather one that best fits your needs.


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Mar 17, 2012
I've got an iPhone 5, HTC M8, and an iPhone 6 preordered. I like the iPhone 5 and the HTC M8, but the iPhone is just more useful to me as a phone. I find it much faster and easier to type on, easier to use one-handed, and much more reliable for web browsing (Chrome for iOS, surprisingly, seems to render faster and more accurately than Chrome for Android).

YMMV - I also have an iPad and a laptop that I'm not usually far from. If I was going to just pick one device - well, I'd probably die, but the M8 would be better for a lot of things. The M8 works better for videos, obviously, and its battery life destroys the iPhone 5.

All in all:

HTC One M8
+ 1080p display
+ Great design
+ Great battery life
+ Very fast OS/App loading
+ Very loud speakers
+ Works great with a ton of other Google stuff (Android Wear/Chromecast/Google Services)
= Responsive screen by Android standards
= HTC Android skin is actually okay, not too intrusive

iPhone 6
+ Great design
+ Access to all the newest apps/games
+ Built in FaceTime/iMessage (great for traveling out of the country, assuming you know people with iPhones)
+ Great resale value
+ Integrated health features (M8 has some, but they're minimal)
+ That sweet, sweet AppleCare+
+ Superior web browsing
+ Works great with a ton of Apple stuff (Apple TV/OS X/iPad/Apple services)
= High res, 750p display
? Not sure how the battery life will be
? Could potentially be held back by 1GB of RAM

Ultimately its a pretty close choice, but I think there are going to be a lot of exciting new software possibilities for the iPhone 6 that the M8 won't have. I'm still keeping my M8 though - it makes a great Gameboy DS.


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Nov 26, 2010
I have an M8. I'm not switching back to Apple. 6+ is too big. My only complaint about the M8 is the camera.

Thinking about switching to LGG3 or new Moto X though


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Jun 28, 2012
What platform do you like the most, iOS or Android? I don't think there's a right or wrong answer but rather one that best fits your needs.

I agree fully with this. The OS is the main difference, that should dictate your choice.

SD card compatibility and camera quality are the only two other main points of divergence between the two. If either of those is more important than the OS for you, then choose according to that requirement.

Tig Bitties

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Sep 6, 2012
I have had this HTC One M8 for five months now, and it still impresses me :D

I just installed a fresh 'GPE' ROM on Monday, and look at these battery life results, this compares to my old Galaxy Note 2, which was a beast on battery.

I unplugged my phone yesterday off the charger at 6:00am, and didn't charge again until bedtime at 11:00pm. I got 6h On Screen time, and total usage of 17 hours. And it was a workday, so major use nonstop for work, two hours of phone calls, hundred texts, GPS Navigation, plenty of web use looking up Vendor sites, etc... And most of this was on the 4G LTE network, only a couple hours of this on WiFi. I was hammering on this phone all day and night, HEAVY use.



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Aug 17, 2007
I have a HTC M7 and am considering switching back to an iPhone. Battery life isn't the greatest on my M7 and the camera absolutely sucks.
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