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    I feel that my app idea would be useful to many iPhone/iPod/iPad users.

    It is a personal "wiki" app. Opening the app would yield an empty "home" page wherein the user could add text and use any of the text as links. The special thing about this idea is that a word could be used as a link to another file within the app - you could have hundreds of files all linked to each other. Tapping on the link would open the other file and enable the user to quickly jump between files.


    (this is the home file opened)

    This is my Home file. This file will hold any relevant content and there are links here for My Room and Kitchen. Tapping on the My Room link opens that file where I could add text and link back to my Home file.

    (user taps the "My Room" link and that file is opened)

    This is the My Room file. I can add text here and use any word, or words, to link to other files. I can even link back to the Home file.

    The app would be a collection of files that are linked together as the user desires. I suppose a web browser component would be the easiest thing to use for this because much of the functionality (links, page viewer, etc.) would already exist. The app would be a self-contained, offline app that could be used for lists, mind mapping, working on a book, or any number of other uses where quickly jumping between files would be beneficial.

    I came up with this idea when I wanted to be able to create and store web pages on my phone and have Safari open web pages that were stored on my iPhone, but I wasn't able to accomplish this. I suppose it could be seen as a "web browser in the opposite direction", linking and viewing pages that are stored on the device rather than on the web.

    The default Notes app almost fulfills this need but you have to leave a file, go back to the list of notes, and tap a note in the list to get to the desired note. My idea eliminates some of the work because getting to another file is only a matter of tapping its link from another file. i.e. tapping a link to "My Room" from within the Home file takes you to the My Room file, no need to jump back and forth from file to list to file again.

    Some idea for this app:
    * Long-pressing a word turns it into a link
    * Long-pressing a link unlinks the word and deletes any relevant linked file
    * Files are not created until the link is pressed
    * Unlinked files (link not yet tapped, as per above) are underlined in red
    * Linked files are underlined in blue
    * Possible rich text in files (bold, italics, underlined, etc.)

    I'm not a developer, so any developer who wants to make an app like this, go for it :)
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    There are likely some note-related apps/services that might do a lot of this, like perhaps Evernote or OneNote or some other similar ones.

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