I have an idea to distract from all the 'regular' speculation

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MacDryCleaner, Jun 4, 2009.

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    Hi Gang -

    Far too many fake iPhone photos and endless speculation as to whether or not there will be video ichat or will 3.0 come out next week or not (it won't) or when will the new iPhone come out?

    Instead, let's have some fun and some of you pull up the podcast of the 3.0 demo special event and go to 27 minutes, 18 seconds into the presentation. Scott puts a big picture up with many of the new features. He breaks down and describes about 10 of the features (they are featured using larger print). But what about those dozen features he doesn't discuss? Let's talk about SOMETHING new and speculate what some of those features are and what they might lead to.

    Here is a list of the features:

    View Controller
    Audio Recorder (ok, we know that one now)
    Open URL
    GPS Lingo
    UI Table View
    UI Action Sheet
    UI View
    Battery API
    Nav Bars
    UI Scroll View
    UI Alert View
    Text Selection
    Localization Coliation
    Cell Styles
    UI Scroll View

    I have no idea what most of those mean so how about we take a break from speculating about the big ticket items and see what we can teach each other about some of the not so glitzy features.

    I'm looking forward to the reading...
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    Those aren't "phone features" so much as they're things that developers can use in their apps in 3.0.

    So while they're real things, what matters more is what developers do with them. And we can't really know that until the developers start telling us about them.
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    Chronosynclastic Infendibulous Cravistat?

    Apologies to Kurt Vonnegut.

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